5 Simple Ways How to Fix Overheating Laptop(Easy Guide)


Laptops are getting more popular due to the vast improvements and versatile features that come along with the latest hardware and mainly because the mobility it offers helps a lot every time. Unlikely a PC, it starts heating up when using it for a couple of hours and the solutions to reduce laptop heat is limited hence there’s no such space to deal with. However, here we have the best and easiest 5 Simple Ways How to Fix Overheating Laptop without making it apart. In many cases, laptops overheat when users are using it in a wrong way so make sure you fall along to find the best solutions to reduce your laptop heat.

Overheating can damage your laptop in many different ways such as system crashes or freezing, hardware malfunctions, system shutdowns and in worst cases all your data can be lost by damaging a hardware component permanently. Always make sure you are monitoring your system temperatures and usage to prevent such incidents. Before jumping directly into a repair, make sure you check these things first that can help you a lot to cool down your laptop at any moment

1. Proper Placement for your Laptop

Proper Placement for Laptop
Proper Placement for Laptop

The very first thing you can do to cool your laptop is to place it on a hard flat surface like a table or a book. The importance of placement like this is when we are using it while keeping it on your lap or bed, the chance of blocking all the air intakes is high and the laptop can’t draw any air into the structure to cool down the components. When placing it on a flat solid surface, the rubber feet give enough elevation to the laptop to drag cool air for the cooldown process.

Instead of placing it on a table, you can use a laptop stand that can adjust heights according to the preference of the user. And also the designs on those stands are very similar to a cooling pad which makes absorbing cool air much easier

2. Use a Cooling Pad

Cooling Pad - fix overheating laptop
Cooling Pad

Cooling pads are the most common solution found by many people as soon as they ran into an issue with an overheating laptop. They work the same as a laptop stand but includes a single or more number of cooling fans that can push cool air to your laptop and makes your cooling process happen even faster and reduce the heat from the outside as well. Users can find different varients with different specs but here’s what you need to focus mainly on.

If you are just using your laptop for browsing and any kind of light work, then buying a cooling pad with single or dual fans must be enough to reduce the heat of the laptop. But if you are using it under a heavy workload like video editing, rendering, or gaming, then you probably need a more powerful Cooling pad with more fans with higher RPM rates. And also it comes with plug and plays feature so doesn’t require any deep computer knowledge to handle them

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3. Cleaning with Compressed Air

Compressed Air Can
Compressed Air Can

No matter where and how you use a laptop, filling dust in your laptop is inevitable and it requires regular cleaning. The only required tool is just a bottle of compressed air(Gas Duster) and you can do it your own without any help. Before start cleaning, make sure your shut down the laptop and give ample time to cool it down. Then take the can of compressed air and gently spray it to each air intake grills few times till you don’t see any dust coming out of it. You can continue this process to each grill and it’s recommended to do this cleaning after 6-8 months to maximize the cooling process.

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4. Monitor your System

Both iOS and Windows platforms has the ability to change hardware performance level by changing the power options and if the system operating under high performance, system hardware is performing at maximum level so it creates more heat. Simply change it to balanced mode to lower the heat generating inside your structure.

Power Options
Power Options

After doing all the steps mentioned above and if you still dealing with trouble in cooling your laptop, it can be some sort of an issue inside your software or hardware. When you are pushing your laptop with too much heavy work like gaming, HD or 4K video editing all your components like RAM, GPU, CPU needs to work super hard and it creates a lot more heat.

You can monitor your system performance and figure out which component is working under high power and lower the usage. Lower the GPU settings, screen resolution, closing unwanted background processes are some easy steps you can take to solve your problem but when the situation cannot be handled in that way, then you might need to go for external components, buy a new laptop or a PC as there’s no way to insert high-end components fits for the small space

5. Cool Surroundings are Better

Every electronic item has an ideal temperature to work under or beyond those limits which may cause fatal errors in your system. When using your laptop outside or in a hotter place can also be a reason to overheat your laptop. For cooling down, it needs cool air going through the structure all the time and when using it in the hot condition the laptop tries to overheat due to lacking cool air. Always try to use them in a cooler place to avoid any issues like this.

Bonus Tip- Check the Fans

Cooling Fan Replacement
Cooling Fan Replacement

Cooling fans are playing a major role in cooling your laptop, and most of the time they work continuously from start to end so they can be easily damaged. There are two possible ways to find whether the cooling fans are working properly or not and it’s super easy.

Take your laptop to a noiseless place and turn it on. If you hear any rumbling, grinding noises from your fans or if you don’t hear any sound from it then there’s a high chance that your laptop’s cooling fan isn’t working well. This is something you can’t fix at home unless you have the suitable fans, tools and knowledge. It’s better to take your laptop to a shop and replace them.

Here are the Easy 5 Steps How to Fix Overheating Laptop without making it apart and Non of these are company faults and it’s our job to use and maintain the laptop properly.

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