7 Signs Indicating You Need to Replace Your Modem


Electronics tend to have a longer lifespan than the manufacturers’ estimations thanks to the latest technology. But when time goes on, even though the electronic device works as it before, you are going to miss a lot of great and advanced features added by the manufacturers later after the initial release. Routers – Internet Modems are the most common piece of electronics that must get upgraded to provide the maximum output to the users all the time. But how often should you upgrade or replace your old internet modem with the latest one in order to keep in touch with the latest features and add-ons?

Most people upgrade their phones, computers and laptops every two or three years. Unless your modem is physically damaged to death or not working properly, no one can recommend a replacement as there’s no a certain limit for these electronics. Due to an outdated or old connection of internet might cause bad User experience, terrible internet speeds and Here are 7 Signs Indicating You Need to Replace Your Modem to make sure you are receiving all sort of cool features.

1. Physical Damages

The most obvious indicator about modem replacement is the physical damages that happen to your internet modem. Falling from heights, Damaged or broken antennas, broken buttons are the most common things you see on a router when it’s physically damaged. Although the router seems to be working fine, there can be damages to the main circuit which can cause long term effects. If your router or modem has physical damage, it’s better to buy a new one or repair the damage if it’s possible.

2. Unable to Hold Steady Connection

Steady Wifi Connection with good signal strength

If the router can’t maintain a steady internet connection without dropping the signals or no internet, then you should upgrade your router to a new one. Before that check, whether it’s a problem with your ISP or else you are just wasting both time and money.

3. Old Technology

The current generation of Wi-Fi is known as wi-fi 5 and the 6th generation is also making its way to the market and each generation has a lot of awesome features and updates when comparing to previous generations. If your router is still using 2.4Ghz only without 5 GHz, certainly you are missing a lot of new features and you can notice the difference after replacing your old router with a new one.

4. Missing Features

Comparing to older dates, routers and modems has improved a lot and now comes with more and more features than just giving wi-fi and LAN connectivity. Such as USB ports can be used as centralized storage, printing, powering up other devices. In order to get more coverage and higher signal strength, routers these days come with multiple antennas. If the router lacks these type of features, then it indicates your for a router replacement.

5. Slow Speeds

Internet Speed

In modern days, all our smartphones, laptops, desktops, gaming consoles, cameras or any other smart device should be connected to the internet same time in order to get the best out form them. This requires a steady and MIMO(Multiple Inputs-Multiple Outputs) connection or else the system starts performing poorly. For those who are unfamiliar with the MIMO concept, it basically means that you can handle more devices once without waiting. Beaming technology is also another key feature that many modern routers have that can detect the device directly and aim the signals towards it without spreading it to all directions. The same technology is used in 5G antennas and read the full article from here if you are interested.

6. Wi-Fi Range

 low wifi range - replace your modem

Certain types of devices in your home such as TVs, desktops, Gaming Consoles doesn’t move around your home. When those devices aren’t getting the usual amount of signals which they receive before and the problems remain the same even though you change the direction or the position of antennas, then your modem has come to the end of its lifespan.

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7. Support

Updating a router is a must as same as an operating system inside your PC or smartphone to get new features, latest security patches to keep your connection safe all the time. Guide yourself to the manufacturer’s website and refer to the documentation to verify your router is still receiving updates and if it doesn’t, then it always better to switch to a new modem.

These are the most common and the best 7 signs indicating you need to replace your modem and even after buying a new one, repurpose your old router as a range extender or add more ports to the existing LAN connection so you will be able to plug more devices without breaking the speed. Reusing also helps to keep away the earth from collecting more and more e-waste as well.

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