AMD Radeon 6000 Series Revealed


AMD has revealed its brand new AMD Radeon 6000 series by crashing the spot gained by Nvidia with their RTX 3000 series GPUs. And also they are ready to release these beasts for lower prices as same as Nvidia. During the last September, Nvidia officially announced and released there RTX 3000 series as the latest competitor to the GPU line-up by giving far more graphic performances to the users. But with the latest RX 6000 GPUs, they have successfully overcome all the issues that they were facing and ready to give a face to face battle for the number one spot. But we can’t be sure about the real-world experiences unless they are tested by the users.

AMD Radeon 6000 series is based on AMD’s latest RDNA 2 technology which powers both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. All these cards will support the next-gen games with hardware-accelerated Ray Tracing and AMD promising to give a face to face fight with Nvidia in 4K and 1440p PC gaming. The unveiling event has given evidence that gaming with 1080p is going out from the scope of AMD. 

The Radeon RX 6800 XT which can be compared to RTX 3080, Radeon 6800 which goes up against RTX 2080Ti or RTX 3070, and the most powerful GPU from AMD for the year 2020, Radeon RX 6900 XT competing with Nvidia’s RTX 3090. But here also we can see the prices are much lower to inspire the users and the Gaming Companies to go along with the Ray Tracing technology in the future generation games.

In the live event held by Nvidia, Everyone was amazed by the price points as they were pretty much lower than everyone expects and this AMD Radeon 6000 Series is the main reason for that. From their previous 5000 series, this time they have improved and ready to give 50% power to performance improvement with the new architecture. And this time it was well optimized from the previous versions by fixing the driver issues and bugs. Let’s talk about the key features focused on this new generation.

AMD Radeon 6000 series

By now AMD has become a more powerful giant in gaming by sharing their technology in all main gaming consoles including PlayStation, Xbox Series X, and the latest console from Atari. This means game developers have to work more in AMD environments. But yet they haven’t decided to keep their technology as a secret like Nvidia. Even the most highlighted FidelityFX Toolkit is also given as an open-source tool, allowing anyone to use or improve it.

Anti-Lag feature is also developed and improved with RDNA 2 technology used in the brand new AMD Radeon 6000 series which allows you to have a better gaming experience in Online Competitive Gaming (Battle Royale). If you are not familiar with this feature, basically it reduces the time that takes to perform and display the action related to your input given into it. When AMD announced that they are going to give the latest feature like this, Nvidia didn’t give that much attention but later on, they developed their own technology for this.

The next big feature is the infinity cache given inside the AMD Radeon 6000 series GPUs. Normally with VRAM (Video Random Access Memory), the data stored inside your GPU can be read easily and much faster but when it’s overloaded, to prevent from getting a bottleneck we can go for a solution like inserting a faster memory (GDDR6X used by Nvidia) or give more bandwidth. Going away from them, AMD offers you 128MB infinite cache that can be directly accessed by the streaming processors. Cache memories are more powerful and faster than a normal memory that can store files that we use frequently from our GPU. This feature helps a lot when it comes to 4K gaming.

If you are a fan of overclocking, AMD offers the RAGE MODE that overclocks your GPU automatically when it’s necessary. But we should know, the turbo boosting or overclocking happens only if you give the absolute temperature and the power required by the component. If you wish to use this feature in a country that has a tropical climate, this won’t be a good option for you if you are not giving proper cooling for your system.

The next feature that should be highlighted is AV1 decoding. If you are a streamer, till 2019 Nvidia graphics cards are the best option for you. But with the invention of RDNA architecture, AMD has successfully given the facility to use H264 and H265 encoding and decoding methods at the hardware level. This AV1 decoding came to life as an open standard in the year 2015 and using this size of a video can be reduced by 25% to 50%. And also the toolset combined with the Ray Tracing technology will give some other key features like Denoiser, Super Resolution and etc. If you are a game streamer the new AMD Radeon 6000 series will be a good opportunity for you in 2021.

When it comes to the performances AMD Radeon 6000 series offers all 3 major GPUs with 16GB GDDR6 VRAM with the support of Microsoft’s DirectX 12 Ultimate API. Both RTX 3070 and 3080 cards don’t have this much VRAM and that gives a good opportunity to gamers and streamers that they can use these cards for at least another 2 years while streaming and gaming in 4K without changing the GPU. All these were designed with 7nm technology and this time AMD was able to give power to performance as same as Nvidia.

The AMD RX 6800 comes with a base clock of 1815 MHz, a boost clock of 2105 MHz with 3840 stream processors, and power consumption of 250W. Like the next one, RX 6800XT comes with a base clock of 2015 MHz, Boost clock of 2250 MHz with 4608 stream processors, and power consumption of 300W which is less than RTX 3080.

Finally, the Radeon 6900XT is also given with 16GB GDDR6 memory lower than RTX 3090 and with the same boost and base clock speeds of RX 6800 XT. But they are ready to give this for a much lower price than the RTX 3090 and AMD says that this won’t be a big issue in 8K gaming.

Remember all this information will not be the same when it comes to the real world. The RX 6800 and 6800XT will be available from the 18th of November and RX 6900XT will be available by the 8th of December this year. However as usual these cards will also be available from other manufactures like MSI, Gigabyte, and Asus too. If you are going to build a new PC, Just wait till the end of next month as there will be some other cards for the budget entry and midrange levels from both Nvidia and AMD.

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