why some websites don't have www

Why Some Websites Have www1 or www2?

On the internet, and everything has its own unique items to identify a specific website, service, or any other thing. For regular users, remembering and checking each and everything every time is not something easy and as a solution for this, web addresses came to life. Even though the browsers…

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Delete Windows System32 Folder

What if you Delete System32 on Windows

Unlikely an open-source operating system, Windows offered users fewer privileges to mess with the operating system’s backend. However, you’ll probably hear that deleting the System32 folder in your Windows machine main installation drive can ruin your PC but what exactly is System32 and what if you delete System32 on Windows?…

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Embed Video into Google Slides

How to Embed a Video in Google Slides-3 Steps Guide

Google Slides is a web-based application that allows users to create dynamic and awesome slideshows presentations just like the Microsoft Powerpoint. Instead of installing any kind of a third-party application, Anyone with a Google account can create beautiful slideshows using Google Slides while including animations, images, videos and much more….

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