Best 5 Tips For Buying a Used Graphics Card


When building a PC, finding the best parts is the most important thing because the whole performance of your system relies on those components. Especially if you are trying to build your own gaming RIG, you probably have this issue and also the prices of those items make this even worse. Among those items, the GPU or the Graphics card is the most expensive and the most important thing for high-end gaming PC. The more powerful graphics card you have means more performance you’ll get in gaming. Due to these reasons, most of the gamers focus on buying a used graphics card instead of buying brand new.

But is it worth buying a used Graphics card? Here is the full detailed review with Best Things to Consider before Buying a Used Graphics Card without falling into scams.

High End Titan V GPU
High End Titan V GPU

When searching about users ideas and experiences about buying a brand new or used graphics card, no one can give an exact idea about which option is better as there are some cases people used to buy brand new but within few months it gives a lot of errors and failures around the system while a used graphics card performs very well for multiple years after buying.

The most common answer is “MAYBE” because there are some major factors that you must check before buying a used graphics card. And the decision of buying it or not is completely up to you and no one can recommend buying a brand new GPU spending 2000$, 3000$ or even more and we all are not even financially.

If you are on an idea of buying a used graphics card, here are a few things that you might need to look at,

1. Always buy from a Trusted Seller

The first and the most obvious mistake the users make is they don’t even try to research about both product and seller before buying it. It’s not easy to point out this site is safe and this isn’t. Even the most trusted and well-known services like eBay, Amazone is also having complains about scams and delivering damaged products or some are even missing during the shipping process. If you are buying a used graphics card, look for the positive and negative reviews of that seller and if it sounds good then go ahead and purchase.

Buying a Used Graphics Card
Buying a Used Graphics Card

You can either refer to social media platforms like Reddit or Facebook to reach out more information if you needed. And make sure the seller isn’t too much new to the platform. And also don’t fall for discounts or promotional things because the trust and the reputation of the seller is the key to having a better product to your hand.


2. Price

Whenever a new graphics card released from either Nvidia or AMD, you may have noticed that withing few hours all the items were sold and they are out of stock. But at the same time, the same product is getting sold for twice or even higher price on sites like eBay, Ali-Express. Due to the high demand for that product and the limited number of stock, people tend to buy it without caring about the price.

This happens even with the used graphics cards as well. But you need to save some money inside your pocket and that’s why you are buying a second-hand graphics card. If the price isn’t lower than 20% of the MRP, it’s probably good to move with a brand new one without getting a risk. On the other hand, if the graphics card is sold for a much cheaper price, then you won’t need an explanation about the condition of that graphic card.

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3. Which Graphics Card Should You Buy

Your budget, personal preference and your gaming requirement play a huge role in choosing the graphics card you want. But if you do have to care about the architecture as well as the age of the graphics card you are going to buy. If you don’t know why it’s important, with the latest architectures almost everything was getting more optimized to give better performances and power efficiency.

Graphics Card VRAM
Graphics Card VRAM

Especially you will notice much more improvements when playing modern games with the latest architecture-based graphics cards rather than an older one. The age has nothing to do with the graphics card architecture because there are some graphics cards with the older architectures so make sure to look at the spec sheets before deciding which one that you are going to buy.

4. Graphics Card Age

Most of the graphics cards get at least 3 years warranty at the first place when you are buying it and if you are planning on buying a used graphics card, make sure it’s not older than two years so there’s one year left and this can minimize the risk of damages over the GPU. This can be changed according to your country and the brand as well. Not every OEM is going to deliver a brand new product for a damaged one even you are still in the warranty period. Always check the benchmarks, go through the reviews and make sure the OEM is reliable when it comes to claiming warranty.

5. Serving Additional Information

When we need to buy something that has been used by someone else, we do need to take a closer look at the product from both inside and outside as well. If the seller is ready to deliver more photographs or more additional information about it, then it helps a lot to the buyer to verify that they are buying a good product. And also keeping complete documentation and all the other information clean and safe will also help you to figure out how the seller or the previous user has treated the graphics card within the last few years.

In addition to that, if you are ordering this product online, then make sure they are packaging it safe because all the computer parts are very fragile by nature. it’s better to buy it directly if it’s possible or else if any damage happens, you do have to wait a long time to receive another one or get your money back.

Is it worth Buying a GPU used for Mining?

The shortest answer is NEVER!

If you don’t know what GPU mining is, it all comes with Cryptocurrency mining and you do need multiple and more powerful graphics cards to maintain this process. This is what people used to call GPU mining and during this process, the GPU is working continuously for days or even for weeks without a break and some even overclock the GPUs to make this process faster and this leads the GPU to damage more quickly.

Crypto currency
Crypto currency

It doesn’t need to explain more because you can understand the condition of those kinds of GPUs when you are using them like that. Although if someone is ready to offer you a GPU like this for a much lower price, It will be better to find something else rather than buying garbage like that.

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These are the most obvious and most important things to look at when you are buying a used graphics card. Just buy a used one unless you are not having enough money to buy a new one and keep in touch with latest updates, reviews and that will help you to find out best products all the time.

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