Can you build a pc on the floor?


Typically when people are building a pc, the casing is also one of the main components, and it’s so important to pick the correct one that suits for your rig because if you didn’t pick a proper casing, it can cause numerous errors. But have you ever had an idea about building a pc without a case? Well, some people do have that idea, and by now there are lots of different designs and ideas about building a pc without the typical items and casing.

Though it’s not very popular to do your build in that way, it can add an elegant and different shape of beauty to your room or whatever the place you are choosing. So is it possible to build your pc without a casing? Can you build a pc on the floor?

The shortest and the easiest answer is “YES! You can!” But…

From the first generation of computers, the typical structure and the most valuable part is the box which stores and protects our CPU, GPU, RAM and all the other main components that we need to power up the pc. In the old times, all those components and items were large and moving it from one place to another was one of the most challenging jobs because it should be done carefully to avoid any damages and a lot of effort is needed to move them.

As a solution, scientists continued their experiments to reduce the size and make them more efficient and faster so the users can gain the maximum output. As a result of thousands of experients, now everything can be carried by our two hands, and it’s not that much complicated as it was 30-40 years ago.

Why Case is not Important?

The only question that comes with “Can you build a pc on the floor?” is “Where am I suppose to keep my stuff?”
People needed a case for their PC,

  1. To keep the components safe with steady Airflow and Cooling.
  2. Easy to handle and it’s not messy
  3. Extra components can be fixed, such as additional cooling fans, RGB Lights, etc.

Among them, extra features are not that much important because if you are not using a case, then you are not limited to a small space which is cooling is that much important. But remember, you do need to care about the heat of your CPU and all other main components for some extent. If there aren’t getting the cooling they required, you are in trouble for sure. The most important thing is to keep all your electronic items safe, especially the motherboard and the GPU. And if you need to move it to another place, it’s a huge mess.

But if you need to make your PC without a case and to build it on the floor, use the “Safeguard technique” to make your dream come true. Here’s the technique

1. Safety first

First, select a clean and safer place to start your build. Avoid choosing disturbing places and most importantly, avoid choosing dusty or dirty places. When you are not using a case, all the components are directly interacting with the air, and if you didn’t care about protecting your pc with dust, it would get badly damaged. If you have pets, small children, think before you go for a build like this. Building a typical PC with a casing will be the best option for you in such situations.

2. Collect them All

After choosing the best spot, bring all your components, connectors, power cables and screwdrivers as well. Don’t get the monitors, sound systems, keyboards or any other thing until you are done with fixing all the items inside your computer casing. Don’t be too hurry because no one is going to steal your items.

Can you build a pc on the floor

3. Gather them UP!

For step 3, re-assemble the parts carefully. If you know how to connect them back, you are good to go and if you don’t, try to get some help from your friends or from a person who is well in this subject. Connect the power supplies and all the other items and follow the usual steps that you use when you are assembling a PC.

Tip: Lay down a piece of cloth on the floor and start your building on it. Always keep the distance between the components to keep a better cooling

4. Check before use

After fixing it, bring the other items and plug them too. And after that check, all those items are working correctly and check the temperature of the items. You can use software like MSI Afterburner to check the heat of those components. As long as they are at normal levels, you are good to go. Here’s the answer to your question, Can you build a pc on the floor?

Remember: Making a PC in this way is best for short term use as though you give the best protection and caring; the probability of having issues is 95%. Try to go for a build like this of you settled in one place and there’s no one to do any damage. Otherwise, the best option is to continue your build by purchasing a case by spending few more cash.

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