Should I Overclock My GPU

Even though overclocking can be done with any device with a clock speed, the computer CPU is the first thing that comes into the action. But the GPU overclocking can also be valuable or important in some certain cases but it’s hard to tell which component should be overclocked as…

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What is GDDR

What is GDDR Memory

When choosing the best GPU to be plugged into your gaming RIG to get the best performance, both video memory and the type of that video memory is also important as same as the architecture and other features inside the graphics card. Instead of picking just what’s available on the…

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Cyberbullying in Social Media

Cyberbullying or cyberharassment is a thing that happens over a single person or a group of people harassing, forcing or threatening them physically or mentally using modern technology. Your age or gender doesn’t count on these things and more than 80% of people have been bullied directly or indirectly due…

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