Is TikTok a Trend or Threat

Tiktok is one of the biggest social media platforms that allow the users to create, share and enjoy short videos according to their preferences. And it encourages people to show their creativity or talents to the entire world. You don’t need to have a huge room and camera setups to…

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Spyware Viruses

What are Spyware Viruses

Spyware Viruses are programmes designed to gather all the data or specific type of data from your device. This happens mostly by stealing the users personal and sensitive information and sending it to a third-party trying to attack these users. It can communicate your personal and confidential information to a…

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Microsoft Edge 2020

What is Microsoft Edge Chromium 2020

Microsoft Edge Chromium 2020 is the brand new web browser released from Microsoft developed with the open-source Chromium project. As a replacement to the world-famous Windows Explorer, The new Microsoft comes with more improvements and features which will re build the reputation over Microsoft web browsers. In 1995, Microsoft released…

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how do gaming glassed help

How Do Gaming Glasses Help

Due to the high-fi modifications in the technology, most of our work engages with a personal computer, smartphone, tablet or any other modern devices with big screens. And whenever we feel like having a break, we used to watch movies, TV series or entertainment events on digital media. Because of…

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