What is DDR5 RAM and Is It Worth Buying?

For all PC consumers, the last decade was an incredible time with the latest pieces of hardware improvements even some people may still enjoying playing with 720p resolution, DDR3 RAM with a dual-core CPU. Both Intel and AMD are pushing the users into the high-end superior category by giving ultimate…

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hard drive partitions

What Are Hard Drive Partitions

If you are a user or a hardcore fan of Windows operating system, you are much more familiar with hard drive partitions which we use to store our data in a place where we can find them out whenever we want. And by adding hard drive partitions, it’s easier to…

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What is a RAM

What is a RAM in a Computer

Inside our PC, RAM is something that all the users have to deal with each and every time as it affects directly to our system performances as well all the other tasks. In fact, RAM is one of the cheapest and smallest PC components that you can get to your…

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Should I Overclock My GPU

Even though overclocking can be done with any device with a clock speed, the computer CPU is the first thing that comes into the action. But the GPU overclocking can also be valuable or important in some certain cases but it’s hard to tell which component should be overclocked as…

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