Cyberbullying in Social Media


Cyberbullying or cyberharassment is a thing that happens over a single person or a group of people harassing, forcing or threatening them physically or mentally using modern technology. Your age or gender doesn’t count on these things and more than 80% of people have been bullied directly or indirectly due to the huge improvement of technology and social media.

Cyberbullying in social media has ridden over the past few years because these social media changed the bullying landscape completely by giving people unprecedented to each and every user’s personal information and once the social media became more familiar with cell phones, it meant that the people who try to bully could access their victims at any time and anywhere in place from school, workplace or even in the home.

Everyone thinks that unplugging everything and getting away from social media can solve all those problems but the researches show that the emotional stress and the stigma from bullying can follow a person far beyond their plugged inexperience with psychological problems, depression and substance abuse issues. Cyberbullying in social media can go way longer than someone thinks as it seriously affects the particular persons’ mental health and development and unusual behavioural health issues later on in life. After pointing out these severe issues, each and every social media platforms has come up with different ways of preventing cyber harassments over those platforms.

Is Cyberbullying a Crime?

The shortest answer is “YES, Indeed“. Although most of the people doesn’t take this as a very serious issue, a small thing that you are doing to annoy or humiliate someone can be ended up with suicide or complete mental drag down to another person.

Cyberbullying in Social Media
Cyberbullying in Social Media

If you are threatening someone or hurting someone by using their personal issues or any sort of thing and if you get caught, it can be ended up in jails for months and years if it’s a worst-case problem. And some of you might think that using a fake name and a fake profile will help you to be anonymous around the internet but still your digital footprints are out there and it’s easy to track down any person in this cyber world.

The the next big question, What should I do if someone tries to bully me?

1. Don’t Try to React

In most of the cases, people always react to each and every single message or reply they get from every person. In the topic of cyberbullying in social media, maybe you are getting various types of messages from different people but don’t even try to react. The who people who try to bully you is always waiting for an aggressive reply or any kind of a reaction because that’s the only way to continue this. As long as you are replying to their messages, photos, videos or anything, they are not going to stop.

Hate Messages from People
Hate Messages from People

The researches show that these bullies are attention seekers which a kind of people who need to get the attention of other people because in the real world they have no friends or no one cares about them. But if you are not paying any kind of attention they will just give up after a few days and no one won’t even remember about it after that. Do whatever makes you feel better and keeps your mind away from those messages.

The more you react – the more you get hurts. If there’s no other option, you can block them individually but this might not be 100% successful because anyone can create fake accounts and continue the same process again.

2. Gather the Evidence

Though you are not paying any attention to those messages, always keep in mind that you need to have evidence to prove someone that you are getting bullied by others. So the best thing you can do is to take screenshots of those messages and keep them in a safe place. But don’t even try to react to any of them. Just show them you are reading all those things but you don’t care about them. Maybe there are no laws to punish those crazy people but this evidence will help you to prove to anyone out there in the public that you are innocent.

3. Privacy is the No.1 Priority

Before you are uploading your photos or any sort of information to the social media, remember you are exposing it to an entire world. Most of those social media platforms have options to select which people must be allowed to see your information and if you are not familiar with those things, get some help from your friend or someone who knows about them very well and make sure you are not giving any unwanted information about you to the people who are out there.

Social MEdia Network
Social Media Network

And don’t fall into random people who tries to reach you out in those platforms because there are thousands of fake accounts and the real person is completely different from what we see in the platforms. Always add people who you really know in person.

4. Discuss your Problem with Someone

Discussion with Parents
Discussion with Parents

This is one of the best options for anyone having a problem because telling your problem with someone helps you a lot to feel that you are not alone. It feels like huge stress was taken over from your shoulders and also talking to your friend or even to your parents will help you to figure out what you can do next to get out from this problem. Don’t even think that you are alone and you are the only person who gets bullied ever like this. Life is always like a circle where good and bad comes in turns. So always be confident about yourself.

5. Always Stay Strong

The first thing that strikes whenever you are getting bullied, is the mental condition starts to fall down. But remember not a single person who’s living his life happily doesn’t need to ruin someone or hurt someone’s life. All these people who try to bully you are having their own problems and they just want to make other people suffer as well as them. Forgive those people and continue your work as a usual day and always focus on what you do want to happen in your life.

Moreover that you can take legal actions as well after taking your problem to the police or an organization which will help you and guide you to overcome from this problem. Cyberbullying in social media can happen to anyone at any time. Your job is to keep yourselves safe without being a victim of those people who tries to mess your life

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