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The number of cellphone users is getting dramatically increased and according to statistics, in the last year, 2020 around 1.38 billion new phones were sold worldwide. This number is getting increased day by day and the technologies used inside these smartphones are also gets updated regularly. From earlier times, electromagnetic waves are the invisible connectors between wireless devices used for communicating or data transferring.

Regarding the massive increase of mobile phones, a lot of misconceptions and rumours were spread around the communities that these electromagnetic waves used inside our smartphones, routers, wifi connections are deadly and they can cause lots of decisions and injuries to your body. Among them, smartphones can give cancers or brain tumours are the most common expressions in each and everyone when it gets to this topic and let’s see how effective these electromagnetic waves and do cellphones cause cancer.

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Do Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer?

Before talking about whether using any kind of a cellphone can cause cancers, let’s see the scientific theories behind electromagnetic waves and technology used inside our phones. To make or receive calls, cellphones use electromagnetic radiation which the same kind of energy used inside your car stereo system, a microwave oven, X-ray machines and the sunlight you absorb when walking or doing any work outside. But each and every situation mentioned before using different types of electromagnetic waves with different electromagnetic radiation levels.

This doesn’t mean using a mobile phone is equivalent to holding a reactor from the Chernobyl nuclear plant. The word RADIATION is used because all these things belong to one family which we called “Electromagnetic Waves“. According to science, the energy of a specific wave can be determined using frequency or wavelength. To refer to more details, look into the electromagnetic spectrum created based on frequency. To understand whether there’s a threat in using a smartphone we just need to know a specific area of the spectrum.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Visual Art
Electromagnetic Spectrum Visual Art

Even though it sounds like holding an object that emits radiation will sound like a terrible idea but cellphones use RF radiation or Radiofrequency to communicate between the tower and itself and unlikely the power lines you see in front of your house, service providers place cell towers in spots that give maximum coverage so it needs fewer towers to cover a vast area. And to maximize the coverage, the wavelength of those waves are long so they can travel more longer distances.

To realize the difference of harmful wave, you can look at their frequency which means if the wave has a higher frequency then it carries strong energy with it while low frequencies have low energy. In the spectrum, there are two main areas as non-ionizing and ionizing.

Low energy waves like radio and microwave are placed on the non-ionizing area and the waves that can cause serious damage by ionizing like gamma or x-rays are placed in the ionizing area. These high-frequency waves can penetrate through objects based on energy it carries with it and when it hists to an atom, it transfers some amount of its energy to that atom and make some changes inside that atom.

According to chemistry, each atom has electrons moving around it and if we provide enough energy to those electrons, they get replaced and the atom gets transferred to a new state while making changes of its own chemistry. Waves that can knock electrons like that are called ionizing radiation.

The danger comes with it because if you absorb an excessive amount of radiations to your boy, that can cause damage to your cells and DNA structures and cause cancers or any other disease related to radiation. But if the wave doesn’t have enough energy to replace or change chemistry inside your body cells or any place, then these waves are called non-ionizing radiation and it can’t cause any sorts of cancer. Damage that happens to your body determines by the energy it carries and doesn’t matter how strong the beam of radiation is. The cutoff between ionizing and non-ionizing areas are placed somewhere else inside the ultra-violet range and people don’t need to worry about that.

Ionizing & Non-Ionizing Range
Ionizing & Non-Ionizing Range

What are the chances of getting brain cancer from cell phones?

After a lot of case studying, it’s proven that there’s a 0 chance of getting cancer or any kind of tumour by using cellphones. In the previous part we have already mentioned that there are some kind of radiations that can cause cancer but mobile phones of any kind of another wireless device we use frequently don’t use such powerful radiations and it does not cause any kind of cancer.

There are some cases that people try to show the correlation between the usage of cellphones and cancer patients but non-of the has true or enough evidence to prove such a thing. For example, research conducted by WHO have found increasing Glioma among 10% of most cellphone users and glioma is a type of nerve cell tumour responsible for most of the brain cancers but there were few errors with that study.

Glioma Disease
Glioma Disease

This research is done by data provided by people themselves and some other problems come related to this issue. If it’s possible to have brain tumours of brain cancers by using mobile phones, think about the number of active cellphones around the world. Even though you didn’t use a phone, there are enough radiations provided by other devices that can kill you if it’s possible.

But no evidence found and the number of cancer patience especially those who suffer from brain cancers and the number of patients who dies form them stays solid while the cellphone production increases in skyrockets. And now if you still wondering do cellphones cause brain or any sorts of cancer the answer is “NO”.

Is Sleeping by Your Phone Bad?

Do Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer

This only matters to people who use their smartphone for a very long period of time at midnight. The blue light comes to form the display of your mobile or any other devices can cause you bad vision, sleepless nights and in worst cases stress and migraine will also be possible if you continue doing this. And keeping your mobile under your pillow or very close to your head while sleeping may also cause some long term problems even it’s not that much dangerous as cancer.

If you need more information about the blue light effect read this full article about it and the precautions you can take for it. If you still don’t feel you are safe here we have some cool and easy steps to avoid any kind of danger that can be caused by cellphones.

How do you minimize cell phone radiation?

  • Use Wired headsets
  • Use the Speakerphone option when making calls
  • Limit or avoid using Bluetooth headsets or headphones
  • Use a connection that has a good signal strength
  • Text More and make fewer Calls
  • Turn on Airplane Mode when sleeping

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