Everything You Need To Know about Linux- What is It?


By the end of 2020, Windows OS is the most popular operating system among the people while the MAC OS is used in Apple computers but at least you should know there are many other operating systems in the world. And you might hear the name called “Linux” and most people know and think that it’s an OS. But Is it really an OS? Then Why it isn’t so much popular like others?

Linux is a free open-source platform that gets developed day by day with thousands of developers around the world. It mostly uses in networking and cybersecurity fields and you must have a piece of deep knowledge of programming and computer systems to get the best and top privileges giving by the Linux Operating System. Moreover that you can customize and keep your own custom-made Linux Operating system and it can perfectly run on a PC that has low performance. Because of these things, it’s a well known powerful platform with less user popularity. This article will bring you everything that you need to know about Linux within deep details.

To understand what is Linux, First, we should know what are Commercial Softwares and Open Source Softwares. If you know what are these just continue reading on the next topics and this part is just for the beginners who are just stepped into the Linux world.

Open Source Softwares vs Commercial Softwares

We all know that software is just a bunch of commands written in a language which can be understood by a computer and we use them to perform specific tasks that we need. This is not an easy task that everyone could else do. And no one is going to offer them without a profit. But in the computer world it’ not the same. There are some products developed by various developers and programmers and they allowed anyone to use them without a cent. This is the main difference between commercial and free open-source software.

Commercial Softwares are mainly focused on generate profits. If you want to use a product from this category, You should buy a license key by paying the company which owns the software. But because of the high price, People try and crack this paid software and distribute it freely. And those things are called pirate software. When we are installing software to our PC, We agree to the terms and conditions provided by the creators, and cracking them or using cracked software, is a punishable offense and most people don’t know that. Adobe Photoshop, MS Word, Adobe Illustrator, Windows OS, MAC OS are some examples for commercial Softwares.

Open Source Softwares are far more different from Commercial once as they are free to use by anyone at any place. They are been developed by the volunteer developers and some companies like Red Hat, Oracle, Document Foundation, etc. This Open Souce concept was first proposed by Sir Richerd Stallman. To decide whether the software is commercial or open-source, there are four conditions to consider.

  • Should be able to use that particular software for any purpose.
  • Anyone should be able to explore the software without any conditions or rules.
  • Should be able to share or distribute with anyone.
  • The software should be able to get customized and must be able to share those with anyone at any time.

If you find software laying under these 4 conditions, then it’s free and open-source software. If you don’t get that let’s take MS office for an example. You can’t use Home edition for income-based companies or marketing things and for that, you must pay more dollars and buy professional editions for that. And you can’t see the source code which powers up the software and it’s illegal to do modifications. But in open source one, you can use them without any fear. If you have a good knowledge of programming you can find and edit the source code as you wish. Linux OS, Libre Office, GIMP, VLC, CentOS, Virtual Box are some examples for Free Open Source Softwares(FOSS).

Source Code

What is Linux?

Many people would say that Linux is a Free Operating System but sad to say Linux is not an Operating System. Linux is a kernel and the next big question, What is a kernel? Kernal is a part of an operating system that connects the software and hardware but it’s not a physical thing. Kernels are also programs, which is the next big thing loads to the RAM after the BIOS program in the booting process of a computer. An operating system without a kernel or a kernel without an operating system is like a dead man.

If we look back Linux kernel was designed by a Finland university student named Linus Torvalds in 1991. The base for the Linux kernel is lying on an expensive kernel named UNIX. Sir Richard Stallman who invented the open-source concept created an open-source OS and developed all other software for it. But they forgot to build a kernel and that gives a dead stop to this project. But after finding the Linux kernel they are already releasing the first open-source operating system GNU-Linux operating system. Until now a huge number of developers gave their hand to develop and now there are more than 200 operating systems based on this Linux kernel. The world-famous Android OS is also based on this Linux kernel.

Here are top 4 benefits that you’ll get by using Linux

  1. Linux OS was designed as a Multi-Tasking OS which gives chance to several people to engage and work at one time.
  2. It supports all networking and the security given to the Linux kernel is pretty much higher than in other operating systems
  3. Less chance to get virus threats.
  4. Fewer performances needed to run.

Which Linux version should I use?

Cyber Security

If you are a beginner to Linux, try use Mint or Ubuntu operating systems as they are provided with a nice GUI(Graphical User Interface).
If you are a professional or a network admin, You can use Debian or CentOS. And the most famous Kali Linux developed by offensive security is used by the pentester (Ethical hackers) to find the vulnerabilities in our system and helps us to fix them. The tools provided with this particular operating system make the job easy for those guys and that’s why it’s so much famous in the hacking field. To use this kind of advanced setup you should have proper knowledge and experience with Linux and computer science.

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