Everything You Need to Know About Overclocking


What is Overclocking?

In factories, the manufacturers give the maximum limit to the speed of your GPU or CPU that you can work without any errors. By Overclocking you can reach beyond the limits which were given by those manufacturers and get a higher clock rate or speed than it was designed. This can cause fatal errors, freezing your laptop or computer, or damaging the whole RIG.

But doing it with professional knowledge can give the best results for you even your PC model is Old. It’s like modifying your old car with an engine of a Ferrari. You can’t only concern about the engine or parts that are fixed to it. You have to re-think your whole car before you drive it.

Is it safe to do Overclocking?

The simple and the shortest answer is “Yes-No

As I said earlier we are reaching the safe limits that have been provided by the designers. If it’s safer to reach those higher limits, the companies also can do it in the first place. But we should know when the creators came up with a new idea of a CPU, GPU, or any electronic item; they design it to work in all climate changes, weather conditions, average daily usage, and many things. It means that they are optimizing it for the average user that gives the best results of all the time.

But if you could afford any loss or if you are willing to take the risk Just do it.

Which devices can be Overclocked?

Most people think that this overclocking process can be done only on a computer. No, Any electronic item with a processor can be overclocked. Even the calculator which powers up with a basic primary CPU can also be overclocked. It’s not MAGIC. “Overclock means going beyond the LIMITS.”

Why do we have to Overclock?

This action can be performed due to several reasons

  • Several years after buying a CPU, GPU they are no more compatible with the software, games by that time. Increasing the performance by overclocking can be useful at this time.
  • Though the parts are new, sometimes they fail to give the speed, graphics in different situations. In that case, also overclocking can give the best results for you.

REMEMBER: All the GPU’s have the same founder’s edition chipset designed by NVIDIA. ASP Providers test this in different conditions and expand the performance by overclocking. After that, they were sent to the market in different brands like Zotac, Asus, MSI, etc. That’s why you can see more cooling fans, heat sinks than the founder’s edition.

Things to Concern in Overclocking

  • Managing the extra heat– To give the extra power, speed that we are expecting by overclocking, the CPU or GPU should use more power from the system. And because of the extra performance, it starts generating more heat. The very first thing we should concern that we should be able to low down that heat. For that, we can easily go with an aftermarket Liquid Cooler
  • Ready to deal with any Errors- Overclocking can cause Blue Screens, Freezing, System crashes and in the worst cases it can damage the whole system. For the burn, mark damages none of those companies are going to replace your item even the warranty is still available.
  • Be Slow and Gentle- Don’t push into the higher limits at once. Try increasing in small amounts. Use a demanding benchmark viewer to see the show it’s performing in heavy limits. If the system is stable then push a little bit further and check the stability of the system again. Make sure you are doing it gently and slowly.
  • Let the Professionals do the Job- If you don’t know anything about boosting your system like this, don’t do it while watching tutorials. This is not a good time to play.

I want to Know more about Overclocking

If you think that overclocking is cool there are many resources, platforms, communities that people share their experiences about overclocking. The Internet is filled with them. Recommended resources

  • YouTube
  • Facebook Communities/Groups
  • Reddit
  • Websites (Overclock.net, Udemy.com, etc.)

This overclocking process can be performed in smartphones and that’s what we call Rooting or Jailbreaking a phone. By doing that you can unlock many hidden features that have been restricted by the manufacturers. But remember you are on your own. After the overclocking, you are violating the warranty policies.

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