GTX VS RTX: What is the Difference


By the end of 2020, Both GTX and RTX graphic card series has improved and taken successful leaps from previous years. GTX series was first invented in 2008 while Nvidia started to take their very first step in developing the next level gaming concept with real-time effects in games. Finally, in 2018 they’ve initially launched the RTX Series after complete 10 years of developing. In 2018, this doesn’t make any sense for the gamers as no one is looking at the shadows or lightings inside a fast-moving game. If so we can minimize that issue by simply changing settings.

So what is the point of RTX Card? Which performs better in Gaming either GTX or RTX?

What are GTX and RTX?

From this point, it makes a problem for the users. Most people say that GTX stands for Giga Texel eXtreme and RTX is for Ray Tracing eXtreme, but some others say that they are just names. They don’t mean anything. Same like Core i7 and Intel i7. Just different words giving the same meaning.

If we look at the Nvidia’s line up

  • GTX 1000 Series
  • RTX 2000 Series
  • RTX 3000 Series (Released in September 2020)

The technology used in these 2 types of graphic cards makes them different form each other. Let’s start with talking about GTX.


GTX graphic adapters introduced in 2008, by releasing GTX 260 and GTX 280 which gave an unbelievable experience to the users at that time. These cards were based on Tesla 2.0 Architecture. However, they’ve decided to reduce some shading units to reach the maximum shader count they expect. After that in GeForce 10 series using the Pascal Architecture they launched cards for several user levels and GTX 1080Ti was the best one online as the competitor with their very first RTX cards in 2018.

It was mentioned above, RTX failed to attract the users from the GTX series because the games were not optimized that much to give all the features of Ray Tracing technology. The time went by and now it’s becoming popular among gamers in 2020.


This is not a big deal. Turning a CGI (Computer Generated Image) into an object with real-world physics is called the Ray Tracing Technology. And the Graphic Cards which using this technology was introduced to the users with the name RTX. The first generation is the RTX 20 series which came alive in 2018 used Turing Architecture to power up their graphic cards. But we can see a huge price drop in their 30xx Series though it gives away more performances than the 20xx series.

What is Ray Tracing?

Have you ever thought about how hard to draw a realistic image of something? We can’t only think about the shape, color of the object. But also we have to think about lightings, shadows from real-time physics to understand and give the real feeling of that image. But it’s quite easy because we have to deal with only 2 dimensions.

In the 3D world, it becomes much complex as we have thought from every perspective to design an object. But have you ever noticed that the shadows or reflections that have been generated by the VGA that you are using are not 100% accurate? All the game engines have this amazing power to trick our mind and eye which makes us think that we are looking at a perfect image.

When we are playing a fast-moving FPS or Racing game, we don’t wait at an exact place and watch the surroundings and calculate whether the game is using real-time physics. The only parts we are thinking about physics are movements of both players and opponents or enemies, objects we are carrying. But we all know that if we want to see something the science should work.

And the way we see any object depends on whether that object is absorbing light rays, reflecting, scattering, etc. This whole process is completed with the help of billions of light rays and that’s why we can’t see anything without a light source. Though it’s an easy process for our eye, no one could be able to design a CPU for these Highly Complex Calculations and as a solution for this matter, Rendering Farms came to life.

For a normal CPU, it takes 8- 10 hours to render a single frame. For a single scene with a 30 FPS rate, it takes a minimum of 10 days to complete the rendering.

In Ray Tracing technology they use some selected Rays and Track them. This calculation is pretty simple rather than tracking them all. Using a simple AI, this whole process can be done easily by now. However, this technology is not an exciting thing for the world.

 This didn’t become that much famous because of the less number of games used this technology and Game Developers didn’t give that much attention because of the less number of users. And the difference between RTX OFF and RTX ON can be easily neglected.

What should I buy? GTX or RTX

If you want to play the games that have been already released, I highly recommend going with the GTX Series. GTX 1660Ti can give smooth gameplay with a 1080p resolution and a higher FPS rate. And the next competitor to Nvidia, AMD Radeon is also a good piece of technology for you to get the best-optimized gaming experience for you. But there are some driver issues from time to time.

To get the real-time imagery you don’t need to play a fast-moving game, you need simulations. But with this cut-down, Nvidia tries to get more attention from the users and inspire this Ray Tracing technology. By the end of 2020, RTX 3000 series is one of the best choices for gamers as it gives twice more performances from the previous 2000 series.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a keynote for the gamers as it’s going to use the complete bunch of RTX features in the game. Another series from the 3000 series will be released for the entry-level and Nvidia haven’t officially announced whether they are going to release a 2000 series from GTX.

By the end of 2020, we will be able to see a huge line up from all brands and there will be reasonable options for each and everyone for their needs.

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