HD vs Full HD: What is the difference?


When buying a monitor or a TV, the resolution is one of the main key features that everyone focuses on. To get clear and smooth visuals on your display, it’s better to have a better resolution but when you trying to buy one of them, it can be confusing as there are many brands with different variants of resolutions like HD, Full HD, Quad HD, Ultra HD, 4K and even the 8K. No doubt that the high-end resolutions may found a better spot on mainstream while the lower once barely holding on to hardware products like monitors or laptop displays.

Among them, the HD and Full HD are most common and this will be a complete comparison of HD vs Full HD by pointing out the major differences and the technical side of each one of them and last but not least, whether they are still worth buying in 2021 for your needs of entertaining.

Types of Resolutions
Types of Resolutions

Creating something on a display is not something simple as watching a movie or an anime on it. All these images are getting created by small dots that can change the colour according to the image that they want to show on the display. The more dots you have on the screen decides the picture quality of your display. In technology, these small dots are known as “pixels” and the numbers like 1280×720 indicates that the number of pixels horizontally and vertically in each row inside your display. Before talking about the resolutions everyone should have a clear idea about how these visuals get created on a display.

What is HD?

HD is also known as HD Ready or 720p is a resolution with 1280×720 px with a total pixel count of 1 million roughly. But the HD terms are also used for some other low resolutions like 1280×800 px or 1366×760 px as well. When considering gaming using a 720p monitor is quite awful and unsatisfying by now because most of the games by these days have much more than that.

And to get the maximum feeling and the experience of that game, having compatible components with better resolution monitor is a must. But still, this can be seen on some old model TVs and it’s only better to buy a monitor or a TV with HD display only if you are dealing with a strict budget with all the choices you have inside your head.

What is Full-HD?

This can be explained as an extended version of HD but way better than HD displays. These type of displays have a resolution of 1920×1080 px mostly known as 1080p and roughly 2 Million pixels are out there to maximize the output quality of the visuals that get displayed on the screen. You can easily see the image quality difference of these two resolutions by comparing footage played with two different monitors with the same display size.

HD vs Full HD

This is one of the most common resolutions of TVs and gaming monitors because the image quality is not that bad unless you are comparing it with 4K or 8K and this cost less money so everyone can buy and enjoy. Especially in gaming, now only the users can have PC components that support 4K gaming without lagging. But still, this costs a lot more money than playing with a budget graphics card and all the other components.

HD vs Full HDWhich One Should I Pick?

There also other key features that you need to be focused on when comparing HD vs Full HD which is the real estate of the screen. Real estate is the space that’s available on the screen to provide an output from an application. In Full-HD displays, there’s more space available as they enrich with nearly twice than of HD displays. This doesn’t refer to the physical dimensions of your display because both there displays can be same in physical size although they give different outputs. This helps a lot when multi-tasking by preventing the need for excessive scrolling while using.

On the other hand, gaming with HD and Full HD is also quite different but not only you can guarantee that Full HD is better each and every time. Before choosing a monitor with a higher resolution for gaming, you do have to consider whether your PC hardware can be compatible with it. Most of the budget laptops use HD displays as there are no such powerful hardware inside that type of laptops to power up more resolution. Even in some cases, you’ll get Full HD displays but if the other components failed to give the required performances, you do need to lower the resolution to 720p and continue with your job.

HD vs Full HD
Netflix on Full HD

This differs when it comes to gaming with TVs as most of the TVs are also getting away from the 1080p by now. Even the consoles like Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 is ready to perform in 4K while the Xbox Series S is coming to deal with 2K rather than staying in 1080p. But playing games is not the only thing that you are going to do with a TV so it will always be better to go for a Full HD rather than an HD.

Even though consider using while comparing HD vs Full HD, 4K is entering our lives slowly, they are pretty much expensive than Full-HD monitor. But the difference between 4K and 1080p can be neglected when comparing the overall cost that you want to spend over the whole item. So that buying a Full-HD display will not be a bad decision even if it costs a little bit than an HD monitor or a TV

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