HDD VS SSD Performance in Gaming: Which is Better?


Direct comparison between HDD VS SSD Performance in Gaming. In gaming, we all want to get the best experience with better graphics, game physics, the speed which gives that realistic feeling in the game. In that case which one either HDD or SSD will give the best performance in gaming? Which one is better?

Both HDD and SSD aren’t enemies. They are just teammates which came up in different generations. The only difference is in the “SPEED”. SSD or HDD can’t boost your graphics or give you a Higher Frame Rate (FPS). SSD can only help with the time in loading as it makes that process performed faster than HDD.

What are these?

Both HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive) are basically non-volatile storages which we use as our main boot drive or the main storage which we used to keep all our data. Hard disk drives are called magnetic drives. A platter and a movable arm called Actuator are there to read the data stored in the platter.

Going away from that old technology, SSD is designed as a complete digital component like a USB drive or a Memory card. By doing that both users and systems can access the data stored inside that drive a lot faster than in Hard Drives. By 2020, both HDD or SSD types and variations are there with different performances, capacities, and prices.

Performance in Normal Use

In normal use, SSD can perform a lot faster than a Hard Drive. These days most of the users intend to use an SSD or NVMe (The Latest Model of SSD)  as their boot drive giving less time to stare and wait in front of the loading screen. The average difference between the responding times, there’s a gap of 10-20 seconds which means that if you use an SSD you can save a lot of time.

Instead of that, if you can use a Hard Drive with a higher rpm (Rounds per Minute) rate of 5400 or 7200 can give the best-optimized user experience given by a Hard Drive. But remember SSD has no moving parts inside and that makes them perform faster than an HDD each and every time. Even if you use a Hard Drive with 7200 rpm it can only give a speed of 150Mbps while an SSD averagely gives a speed of 300Mbps – 500Mbps.

Can it boost my Gaming Experience?

For gaming, HDDs, and SSDs both work well. If the HDD has enough space for your games to be processed. All most all modern games range from 20 GB to 180 GB for a single installation, and you shouldn’t have problems if it’s fast enough to support the graphics. Where HDDs do not do as well as gaming SDDs are in load times.

Loading Time Comparison(HDD vs SSD)

If you are thinking that Upgrading to a SSD will give a higher FPS rate or better graphics, “YOU CAN’T”

The below graphs will bring you the evidence for that.

FPS Comparison(HDD VS SSD)

Finally you should know

If you are planning to do a budget gaming build, the best choice is the HDD rather than SSD. By the time you are buying a 256GB SSD, you can buy a 1TB or 2TB Hard Drive for the same price. For example, if you are playing a game like Call of Duty Warzone you are going to seed a lot of space to install the seasonal updates. There are many ways to speed up your PC rather than upgrading to an SSD.

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