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Due to the high-fi modifications in the technology, most of our work engages with a personal computer, smartphone, tablet or any other modern devices with big screens. And whenever we feel like having a break, we used to watch movies, TV series or entertainment events on digital media. Because of this high exposure to screens and displays, many people had to either use glasses or getting themselves into eye care treatments. But how do gaming glasses help us?

Although looking at computer screens or smart devices with screens for too long is bad for human eyes, people have no other option as all the things are getting digitalized day by day. In the first place, scientists and manufacturers designed panels which can lower the brightness of the screen and the damage was slightly reduced after using these panels. But using those panels makes the users unhappy as the user experiences or any other special features were also reduced with that.

How Blue light damage our Eye

But now, we the technology is way more improved and now there’s a new trend on Gaming Glasses or some people uses the term computer glasses and let’s discuss what gaming glasses really are, how do gaming glasses work and how do gaming glasses help you to keep your eyes safe.

What are Gaming Glasses?

Gaming glasses are a pair of glasses designed with lightweight materials and specially designed to prevents dry eyes when watching or staring at screens for a long time. And also the lens tint helps to filter blue light and UV rays to enhance contrast and protect eyes by giving long term protection as long as you use it.

Gaming glasses specially designed with special styles and technology which gives long-lasting durability and comfort to the users. But Remember, though these glasses are marketed as gaming glasses, these glasses are not improving gaming abilities or skills of players. They are made just for the protection of the users when using a computer or any other device with big screens or displays.

You don’t need to play games to use this. If you feel like having any discomfort or pain when looking at screens, you can start using one of these after getting the necessary recommendation from a doctor.

How do Gaming Glasses Work?

Most of the gamers stare at screens for 2-3 hours at least a day in gaming and majority of them used to play games at night and due to high exposure to blue light can cause long term and short term diseases like focusing problems, eye discomfort, headaches, blurry vision and etc. And also it can change the sleeping routine when it gets harder to fall asleep due to high exposure to blue light.

According to Science, the visible light is a combination of rainbow colours and light is important for vision. It can be a light bulb, sun or any other source of light, all these things emit blue light waves along with the other light waves. For humans, the sun is the biggest source of light which control life and habitat on the Earth. When the sun goes down, the number of light waves we get into our body decreases and due to the lack of light waves, it signals the body to produce melatonin hormone which responsible for making us sleep.

But when we are exposing to artificial light waves for too much, it signals the body to delay the process of making melatonin in our body. This is the main reason for the changes in the sleeping routine when someone exposes to blue light for too long.

How Do Gaming Glasses Help
Vision Through a Gaming Glass

Most of the gaming glasses were designed with a special yellowish colour filter to lower the power of those blue light waves and helps to protect our eye from being damaged. The yellow colour is selected because it makes our eye calm and it gives less pressure to our eyes when looking at it.

This is why most of the bedroom lamps were given with yellow lights that can help you to get a sound sleep at night. And almost all the smartphones now have the blue light feature as an inbuilt function which you can use instead of buying any gaming glasses. If not you can just download an app from the app store and protect your eyes with these blue light waves.

How Do Gaming Glasses Help

As it was mentioned earlier, these glasses have nothing to do with your gaming skills though they are promoted as gaming glasses. They are just to protect your eyes from your PC or smart device screen. And you won’t be able to see short term effects and you will feel like you don’t need them.

Gameplay with gaming glass
Comparison with Gaming Glass

These Gaming glasses were made to protect your eyes for the long term and it’s same like brushing your teeth twice a day. You won’t get any damage though you didn’t do that regularly after a few years you may see the bad results of that. If you damage your eyes badly, sometimes you may not be able to use a computer or use a smartphone for the rest of your life as well as causing numerous troubles in normal vision.

No one likes eye strain, blurred vision, or chronic headaches. The advantages that come with computer glasses are glare reduction, an improvement in contrast, and being able to look at the screen for longer periods of time. In the office, to be able to read the screen better, we often feel it’s appropriate to look over our glasses or hunch closer to the monitor. Yet all of us know that this isn’t helping. Computer glasses encourage better vision, which decreases the need for your back and neck to strain.

Display Color Temperature on Apple Device
Display Color Temperature on Apple Device

Some people may say that you don’t need buying or using these because they are already given the feature in modern monitors and TVs but remember you are responsible for your health. If you feel uncomfortable wearing glasses, try using a Software like f.lux or if you are using windows 10, there’s an in-built feature to set your display for night time.

Prevention is better than cure


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