How Much RAM do you need for Gaming


Upgradability and customizability are some of the biggest advantages for the PC consumers rather than a console player as there’s no limit and it can have whatever the specs you need. Though in some cases there are some compatibility issues, still building a PC is quite cheaper and the best option rather than buying a gaming console. However, things get complicated when choosing the parts that you need for upgrading not only for gaming but also for the overall performance as well. The very first thing that comes into our mind is upgrading the RAM because it’s the easiest and the cheapest component to be replaced.

But how much ram do you need? How much RAM do you need for gaming? Can upgrading the RAM can solve all the problems and boost the performances?

How Much RAM do you need for Gaming
How Much RAM do you need?

The mechanism and the use of RAM is to store regular data that’s using over the system frequently so that the CPU can refer to RAM and retrieve the data without seeking into the main storage. And there’s no doubt that having a RAM with more capacity and speed can bump your PC performance but that doesn’t mean it can solve all our problems and convert your normal computer into a high-end heavy workstation. Sometimes it doesn’t make any change even there’s 16GB or 32GB RAM and why is that?

It all depends on the way that your game was designed in the first place. Most of the modern games doesn’t require 16GB or 24GB RAM as they are more focused on graphic performances and almost all discrete graphics cards come with its own video RAM to enhance the performances. So the system RAM doesn’t need to be crushed to do the graphical calculations but still, it’s essential to load and deliver the files which are required by the game itself.

As an average number, 16GB is more than enough for gaming because most of the games require 8 Gigabytes or 12 Gigabytes of RAM only and there must be some other memory left for your operating system, web browser, anti-virus program or any other program that runs on the background.

Otherwise, if you have only 8GB RAM and the game that you are playing required the same amount of 8GB, the game won’t run at a smooth condition as we expect and especially if you are a streamer, it’s probably the best to have more RAM to have the ability to run few different heavy programmes at the same time.

Even though having 16 Gigabytes of RAM is enough for gaming and streaming itself the additional amount you are going to install on the system is completely up to your preferences. Keep in mind that inserting more RAM and increasing RAM capacity doesn’t have to do anything with your frame rates or any other graphics improvements as it completely depends on your graphics card performances.

High-Graphics Gaming
High-Graphics Gaming

On the other hand, having a RAM with a higher clock rate is also helps you to some extent as same as the capacity. More speed you have with your RAM means faster it can transfer data and it can execute more operations inside your system. Even the data handling is done more faster than it was, the overall performances depend on which applications you are using by that time. In gaming, a small bump will be given by using a RAM with higher clock speed but if you need to increase your gaming experience, try upgrading the graphics card of your system.

As it was mentioned earlier, all the off-shelf graphics card have a special type of memory called VRAM which is specially designed for execute calculations and keep all essential files required and used frequently. A small amount of improvement in VRAM can help a lot in boosting gaming performances than anything else. So if you are building a PC mainly for gaming, it’s better to focus on buying a well-performing CPU and a GPU and last but not least give a shot on buying RAM. But make sure you need at least 8GB RAM to keep your system away from unfortunate slowdowns and lags.

And there is one more thing you should consider how much RAM do you need for gaming. When buying a RAM, deciding whether it’s a single or multiple RAM module is also very important not only for gaming but also in general use. Nearly every motherboard is allowed to use dual channel and some even support triple channel modules. The gaming performances might not be increased as you expect even if you use dual RAM modules, but it can avoid your computer from being completely unusable if there’s a failure of your RAM.

Multi RAM Modules
Multi RAM Modules

For example, if you are using 16GB single module RAM and if it failed, your whole system is completely unstable until you replace it with a new one. But if you are using 2x 8GB RAM sticks and if one of them gets break down, the system works fine even with the one left inside your system. And it’s easy to replace an 8GB RAM rather than a 16GB model as it’s much cheaper.

When deciding how much RAM do you need for gaming, if you are not working on a strict budget, 16GB will be more than enough but if not try using at least 8GB RAM unless it won’t be enough for your computer to deal with all other applications.

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