How to Delete Cookies on iPhone – Easy Guide


Whenever we enter into a new website on the internet, users may see a small pop-up message displaying the website’s cookie policy and a button to confirm whether they agree or disagree with them. Most of the time people tend to accept this without any exception. And not only the websites, but also the web-based apps may also use cookies in order to keep the well functioning of the application. But what are these cookies, how do they work and what is the purpose of cookies.

Also at some point, you may need to clear your iPhone cookies and often may get stuck because you can’t figure out the correct way of clearing the cookies on your iphone. Before learning out how to clear them, it is better to know a bunch of useful information about cookies on the internet.

Website cookies - How do cookies work?

Website cookies also refer as HTTP cookies are a small set of data from a specific website that gets stored in the user’s computer while they browse on the web. Cookies come in handy in many ways such as keeping track of users browsing activity to serve some advertisements specifically targeted at the user. After searching for a product on Amazon or eBay or any other online store, often you may see several different ads on Facebook related to the same product you searched in web stores.

The magic behind these kinds of scenarios is the website cookies. Also, these cookies are used to remember the login details provided for a specific website such as Google, Facebook, Youtube so the users don’t need to provide the same information over and over again when they need to log in. After clearing the cookies along with the history on your web browser, all the saved data will be erased and a brand new browser page appears on your screen.

For website owners, cookies are a useful feature to keep track of unique visitors comes to their website because every single cookie comes with a unique ID and even the same user visits the same website several times a day, the unique visitor count still gives one because the cookie ID is the same.

How do cookies work?

Tracking activity can be useful or a breach of privacy depending on what purpose that the websites use this information. But if the user agrees to the cookies policy in the first place, they do have to agree to whatever the website decides to do. Due to these reasons, all the websites are legally obligated to inform their users about the cookies policy before using any data.

How does a cookie work?

For an instance, consider an online shopping store. When a user enters the website, a cookie gets placed in the user’s computer hard drive and starts tracking data of the particular session. For this scenario, it can be the products in your shopping cart, searched and viewed products, save coupon codes so the website can recommend similar things later when browsing.

The information stored using the cookies is different from one website to another also unique to a specific website or web-based application. Unless these websites use third-party cookies, other websites can’t track any kind of information when the user is on a different website.

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Not each and every cookie is a privacy breach as they are pretty useful in providing an efficient browsing through internet. Let’s check how you can delete these cookies from your iPhone at any condition.

How to delete cookies on iPhone?

  1. Go into the iPhone Settings
  2. Scroll down and select Safari from the menu
  3. Scroll down and select the option “Clear History and Website Data
Clear History and Website Data - How to clear cookies on iphone
iPhone Safari Settings

After clearing these cookies, you may log out from some website to which you were logged in previously. Make sure you can remember all those saved passwords and any other relevant login details. If the “Clear History and Website Data” option turns gray, it means the process is completed and all the cookies in your iPhone are now cleared.

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