How to Embed a Video in Google Slides-3 Steps Guide


Google Slides is a web-based application that allows users to create dynamic and awesome slideshows presentations just like the Microsoft Powerpoint. Instead of installing any kind of a third-party application, Anyone with a Google account can create beautiful slideshows using Google Slides while including animations, images, videos and much more.

It takes a small time to get familiar with the user interface and file the relevant tools for your presentation. Inserting resourceful items like images or videos into the presentations helps to make your presentation more informative and nice looking. Here’s the step by step guide to show you how to embed a video in Google Slides.

To Insert the video into Google Slides, first, you need to make the basic setup and decide where you should add the video. After deciding the position or the slide,

1. Click on Insert Option on the top-toolbar and Select “Video” Option.

2. Select Your Video either in YouTube or inside your Google Drive.

To Select YouTube videos, users can either search it like a normal Youtube search or copy and paste the URL of the video you want to embed into your google slide.

Insert YouTube Video to Slides
Insert YouTube Video to Slides

To upload a video from your local machine, first, you need to upload it into google drive and then it will show up under the “Google Drive” Option.

Upload Google Drive video to Google Slides
Google Drive

3. After uploading, reposition and make changes according to your preferences.

This is all you need to do to embed a video in Google Slides. Here are some other cool things you can do to format your video in your presentation.

Formating the Video in Google Slides

In order to find formating options available in Google Slides, you need to select the video by clicking over it and head over to “Format” on the top toolbar and select “Format Options” or by default, it may show up on the right-hand side of your screen.

Video Format Options - Google Slides
Video Format Options – Google Slides

Video Playback – This option will allow you to choose a specific timestamp to start and end the video also to make the video autoplay and when presenting and mute the whole audio if you just need the video.

Size and Rotation Add a specific Height, Width or Scale is allowed and to make the job easier, you can lock the aspect ratio of the video. And several other options available to change the rotation of the video according to your needs.

Use the Position option to select where you want to align and set your video and add more styling shadow to highlight your video from the other elements in the presentation.

To loop a video inside Google Slides is a little bit tricky as there’s no option available to make a video loop continuously but you can either convert the video into a GIF and upload it as an image if the video is too short or use third-party software to make the video loop over and over and then upload back to Google Drive and fall along the same process mentioned above on how to embed a video in Google Slides.

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