How to Lock Apps on iPhone with Passcode


Although it’s been years after Apple released there first iPhone, by now far more developed iPhones are out there with massive features and facilities but still we can’t see any inbuilt apps lock for iPhone to use if we want. Most of the android devices are having inbuild apps to lock their apps individually though it’s still missing in Apple devices. By using this feature, you’ll know how to lock apps on the iPhone with a passcode and protect your device. If you are looking on how to lock apps on iPhone with passcode, this is the workaround for locking apps in iOS 12 and above.

How to Lock Apps on iPhone with Passcode

To lock apps in your iPhone, only thing you have to go through these easy steps.

  1. Go to Settings > scroll down and select Screen Time
  2. Click on Use Screen Time Passcode
  3. Add any Passcode(You can’t use your device passcode in this)
  4. Re-enter the passcode and Confirm
  5. Go to App Limits > Add Limit
  6. Select the Apps you want to lock after entering the passcode
How to Lock Apps on iPhone with Passcode
Screen Time Feature

After that, you can select a time limit to enable this screen time feature automatically. If you want to keep your apps locked all the time, Just set the limit to 1min and you are good to go. When the setup is finished, you can only use those selected apps for the time limit you selected. Once you reached the limit, the app will close automatically and to unlock it you need to provide the passcode which you chose before within a limited number of attempts.

Does apple have app lock?

The shortest answer is NO! Apple doesn’t provide any pre-built apps lock to lock apps in iPhones. The method we use is completely safe and we can lock almost any app we want. But that feature is not provided for locking the apps. You cannot locks apps on iPhone as iOS does not give permission to its root file, that’s why its very complex to create an application to lock particular application.

If you want to get the permission, your device needs to get jailbreak but remember it’s completely illegal and you can’t claim any warranty features after jailbreaking. But you can lock any app you want without making any damage to your device by using the screen time feature.

Unlike Android, there are still no applications that will do the same for you in the App Store. You can come across a range of apps on the App Store that promise to provide the said feature please don’t get misguided because no app will provide you with a feature to lock down your apps due to iOS restrictions. Maybe later on there will be an app to fulfil your need of locking apps individually.

For privacy, people lock apps on their phones. Chatting apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc are usually locked and no one wants to expose their private chats to anyone. But most of these app locking apps are very easy to bypass. Most phones already have an in-built app locking function, so it is recommended to use it instead of other third-party apps if your phone has an in-built one.

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By locking apps on iPhone with passcode,

  • You can secure your personal information and accounts by other people when you forgot to lock your device
  • If you are allowing your child to use your phone, you can easily lock the apps that you wish to keep your child away.

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