How to Make a Custom Ringtone on iPhone(Without Jailbreak)


Even if the brand new iPhones come with lots of handy ringtones, maybe you still need to add your own custom ringtone to your iPhone just to get the real feeling from it. However, in the older times, setting your own custom ringtone on iPhone is quite complicated and a lot’s of the time you may need to jailbreak into the phone in order to get what you want. But with newer ios versions, it’s possible to change the ringtone from the default once without damaging it at any level.

This method works fine with ios 13 or above versions from that and you only need to install a single app and you are good to go. For ios 12 or below versions, this method may not work but it’s possible to change them as well using a different method from this.

How to Make a Custom Ringtone on iPhone with ios 13 or above?

Before we begin make sure you have updated your Safari browser to the latest version because you’ll need the download manager to come by default in stock ios. Also, you need to download the “GarageBand” app from the app store. After going through these, you can proceed with this guide and change your ringtone with whatever you want.

Step 1 – Pick the Song

As the first step, you need to choose which song or audio clip you are using as your next ringtone or text tone. If have the song in your Apple Music, then you can use it directly without any additional steps but if you don’t have it, then make sure to download using a query like “song_name.mp3 free download” or whatever it’s necessary on google in order to find what you need.

Safari Download Manager
Safari Download Manager

After finding your favourite music, go ahead and download it using Safari Download Manager. And the progress of the download will be shown on the top right corner and tap on it to get more details about the file you are downloading. From there, click on search icon(magnifying glass icon) to see where your files are saved inside your iPhone. By default, it must be saved in the Downloads folder in iCloud Drive.

Step 2 – Editing & Formatting using GarageBand

GarageBand Application - How to Make a Custom Ringtone on iPhone
GarageBand Application

Inside the GarageBand application, swipe to the audio recorder option and click to select. After that, click on icon no.1 (grid icon) shown in the image and then you will be shown a window that is similar to an editing interface. Click on icon no.2 to avoid unnecessary noises coming to your clip.

How to Make a Custom Ringtone on iPhone

Once you disabled it, click on icon no.3(Omega Sign) and select the song on Apple Music or from the downloads. You can select Music option to select from Apple Music or navigate to Files>Browse items from files App>Browse to find the downloaded file in Step 1.

Selecting the Audio Clip

Select the song or audio file which you need to set as your custom ringtone on iPhone and drag and drop to the timeline for further editing.

After that, click on the small plus sign on the top right, and from the small panel, click on where it says 8 bars and increase it up to 30 bars as the default duration of a ringtone is 30 seconds. the timeline will automatically adjust and click on the song to get more options like Cut, Copy, Delete, Rename, etc.

Select the trim option and select the part which you want to be in your ringtone and listen to a preview by clicking on the play icon to the top middle of the screen. (When trimming, make sure you are selecting the full duration of 30 seconds before going for further steps.)

Click on the Down Arrow on the top left of your window and select My Songs option. From that library, select your brand new file and press and hold on to it to get more options.

How to Make a Custom Ringtone on iPhone

From the prompt menu click on Share and then select Ringtone Option. You can rename your song here if you like and click on export to add it to the ringtone list.

Step 3 – Set Your Ringtone

Simply navigate to iPhone Settings> Sounds and Haptics>Ringtone and from here choose the song file you exported and that’s how to make a custom ringtone on iPhone without jailbreaking or without doing any other damage.

Also, there can be other options as well to get the same results but never try to jailbreak as it voids the warranty even if your phone is brand new.

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