How to Mirror iPhone Screen to Any Device – Complete Guide(2021)


If you are wondering how to mirror your iPhone screen to any device such as mac, windows or into your smart TV for streaming, screen-recording or just to get a better view on the big screen, this article will show you a step-by-step guide on how to mirror iPhone screen to your Mac, Windows PC or into your Smart TV. And the steps and technologies can differ from one topic to another, so make sure you read the correct steps in order to get the best results in mirroring your iPhone screen.

Mainly, people need to mirror and share their iPhone screens in two different situations. If you are a content creator or a streamer, then it’s always better to have a big screen rather than using your iPhone screen. In this way, monitoring your iphone while using the primary camera in recording videos is less complex. On the other hand, people always like to watch their favorite movies, videos or play a mobile game on a big screen. Each different method has its own advantages and disadvantages which we will be pointing out inside each topic.

How to mirror iPhone screen to Mac

Mirror iPhone screen to a mac, is one of the easiest things because both of these products already have the technologies need to complete the process.

  1. Use your lightning cable and connect it directly to the Apple Mac device.
  2. From “QuickTime Player” click on File>New Movie Recording.
  3. Next to the record button on the Movie Recording Window, Select your iPhone by clicking on the dropdown arrow.
  4. After Selecting the correct device, the iPhone screen will appear on the mac device.

If you can’t see your iPhone screen, then make sure you allow or trust the device which you are trying to mirror the iPhone screen also the iPhone must be unlocked at that time.


  • Video automatically switch between portrait and landscape modes by detecting the iPhone rotation.
  • Best quality in video recording.
  • Can use QuickTime to record iPhone screen and save it into the computer.


  • Limited movement after connecting iPhone using a lightning cable.
  • Rotating iPhone while recording, stops the recording.
  • Less control in changing recording quality, recording settings.
  • Can’t use this method to mirror into any other device rather than a Mac.

This isn’t the only way to connect your iPhone to your Mac PC as there are a bunch of other options are also available on the market but most of them require a real-time purchase or some kind of a hardware component in order to use them. You can check the below options if you feel comfortable with that.

1. Ecamm Live

Ecamm Live Software
Ecamm Live Web

Ecamm Live is a Software that gives the most amount of control over your recording while mirroring your iPhone to your mac. The setup is the same as the first method which means you need to connect your iPhone using the lightning cable and instead of using Quicktime, you are going to use Ecamm Live. As the advantages, Ecamm allows you to switch between landscape and portrait modes while you recording and it’s perfect for live streaming because of the controls that come with it. Ecamm Live is primarily designed as a live streaming software but you can use it to record and a local copy into your mac device


  • Your phone is going to plug in for the whole time
  • Not free
  • Mac only solution

Get Ecamm Live: Click Here

2. Screenflow

Screenflow Software

Another full-fledged software that goes beyond the typical limit of recording and allows their users to edit and create awesome content by using this one software. Setting things is really easy and all you have to do is to plug and connect your iPhone using the lighting cable and Screenflow will give you the best quality video output. More awesome features available including switching between landscape and portrait, sync with computer screen or webcam input in the same time while you are recording. Screenflow records to different layers and by using the other available tools, users can create super quality content just using this single software.


  • Phone must be plugged in all the time.
  • Not showing a preview of your recording.
  • Not Free.

How to mirror iphone screen to Windows PC

To mirror apple device screen to a Windows PC, you need third-party software and in this method, we will be showing the best couple of software that gives the best. The Softwares are going to be Reflector 3 and Airsever and to mirror your iPhone screen, first, you need to install one of them and both your iPhone
and Windows PC must be connected to the same network. After fulfilling the requirements, you can navigate into the Screen Mirroring option available on your iPhone and from there it will show your PC as a device available. While recording, users can switch between portrait and landscape modes and change the quality & format settings of that recording.


  • Your phone isn’t connected by a cable.
  • Transmit and mirror multiple devices at the same time.
  • Available for both Windows and MacOS Platforms
  • Viewing and Monitoring
  • Screen Recording, Live stream and Broadcast options


  • Need a stable Wi-Fi Connection
  • Quality isn’t the best
  • None of them are free and both require paid purchase.

Get Airserver: Click Here || Get Reflector: Click Here

How to mirror iPhone screen to TV

Most of the TVs available right now already comes with a screen mirroring feature but here we will show you three different methods you can use to mirror your iPhone screen into your TV.

1. Using HDMI Adapter Cable

HDMI Adapter Cable

This is the easiest and most failproof method as it uses a cable to connect your iPhone to the TV. Purchase a cable from a local store or you can order one from online sites like Amazone. Also, the length of the cable can be varied according to the manufacturer, and make sure you check all that stuff before purchasing the item.


  1. Plug the HDMI connector into a HDMI Port on TV and USB connector into the USB Port or to a wall outlet.
  2. Plug the lightning connector into your iPhone and Trust the device from the pop-up Prompt.

If the screen continues to stay in black, download the EZCast app and update the firmware and your phone screen will show up after that. For the downsides, you need to keep your phone plugged in for the whole time and there’s no way to record or capture your screen. Make sure you use one of the methods above if you wish to capture or live stream with your iPhone. And this will not be the best option for playing online multiplayer games because the I/O system has a delay but for any other games, this method works fine. Using this method gives the highest quality output in watching youtube videos, Netflix and etc.

2. Airplay

AirPlay Screen Mirroring

Airplay is the best wireless option for mirroring the iPhone screen to your TV. But not all the TVs support this feature so as the first step, check whether your TV is supported or already has this feature and most of the latest models already comes with it. If not you can buy an Apple TV device and connect it to your TV as well. Connect both TV and iPhone to the same network and check for the devices for mirroring>Select Chromecast or Airplay Device> Enter the passcode after selecting Airplay Device and your screen will show up.

These are the most effective and the best options that anyone can use to mirror your iPhone screen to any device such as Mac, Windows, or even into your TV if it’s possible.

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