How to Reduce PING and Boost Online Gaming


In Each and every process that engages with the internet, the speed or latency in delivering and receiving the data we want is more annoying and it can cause numerous issues if this process doesn’t happen in real-time. Especially if you are gaming with your friends in an online multiplayer competitive game, the latency of a few milliseconds can cause a fatal defeat in-game. But instead of the term latency, PING is the most common word that’s getting used and the higher ping cause a huge lag in your whole gameplay. But is there a way to get over this or reduce it? This guide will show you how to reduce ping in online gaming at any time.

What is PING?

The basic terminology, the term PING is coming from the sonar technology which sends echo packets towards an object and by measuring the time it takes to get back to its source, we can measure the distance between the source and the object. This works quite the same when we are engaging in a service like online gaming that sends and receives data more frequently. It takes milliseconds to reach out to a server and get back the response but in some cases reducing latency of milliseconds can be very important.

Latency Count
Latency Count

If you are looking at what is this thing called latency, It means the same thing as PING but PING is a method that’s used to measure latency. All these things are connected with the time that it takes to communicate between two devices through the internet. when you are having more latency in applications like games, it cause lagging which means it takes more time to show you the responses, textures and all the other information according to the inputs

Remember, PING is something that cannot be eliminated at all but it can be reduced to a minimum level and we can continue without having any serious issues. And this is how to reduce PING.

1. Use Wired Connections

With the improvement of technology, wireless technology is overtaking almost everything. There’s no doubt that it’s easier to use wireless connections rather than using cables everywhere. But for online gaming, this may cause a little bit more irrelevant as wifi have more interferences from other routers and other wireless devices around it. And also if you aren’t having the PC and router at the same place, these wifi signals have to go through walls between your PC and the router and it’s definitely going to cause latency.

how to reduce ping

To avoid these things, using a wired connection will help you to have faster and a stable connection which is essential for online competitive gaming. If you are unable to connect to a wired connection you can use wifi extenders which can improve wifi signals for more distance without breaking. Behalf of that, you can upgrade your router into a dual-band router with a 5 Gigahertz band by investing few more cash over it and it can go through more obstacles than a 2.4 Gigahertz band.

It has a lower range which you might need to get the help of a wi-fi extender to lower the lag or you have to rearrange your setup to a new place to capture more wifi signals into your device.

2. Closing Background Softwares and Updates

In most of the applications we are using on our computer, we do get regular updates to keep to make sure we are having all the latest performances and better security. But the mood will not be the same if an app or a software decides to update itself in the middle of your game causing slowdowns in your internet connection. Having background can also cause slowdowns in your regular system and there are few more precautions that you can take for this problem.

how to reduce ping
Background Software Updates

As the very first option, you can disable automatic updates and schedule it to a specific time that doesn’t cause any problems to you. Moreover, you can run a security check over your PC to make sure your PC isn’t infected by malware or any other malicious programs. And finally, if you are a windows 10 user, you might be familiar with annoying updates that happen over time and there’s no way of stopping it.

But if you are a Pro user you can delay the updates for one month and if you aren’t a pro user, you can stop the updates by limiting the system data usage. But you do need to update it or else you will have some security issues on your PC.

3. Turn off VPNs – Just For Gaming

There are many situations you need to use VPNs but in online gaming, it’s not good at all. Whenever you are using a VPN, the signals are always routing through a VPN server before it communicates with the game server. It more like using the normal standard postal service rather than sending an email. It gives the same results but it takes more time. In gaming, this may cause huge latency which doesn’t good for gaming. You can simply off your VPN and turn it back on after finishing gaming.

4. Restart your Router or Modem

Some people may say this won’t make any change but restarting your router or modem will cause to clear DNS cache and any sort of irrelevant data that causes lagging. You won’t notice a huge decrease in latency but it helps at least in shortening milliseconds even though you are using a wired or wireless connection.

5. Avoid High Times

Typically in the early morning or early evening, you may experience higher loading times whenever you are using the internet. This happens due to the high amount of users that gets logged into the same network at the same time. You can talk to your ISP and complain about this issue but sometimes they don’t even care about them. In those cases, you should think twice about whether you are getting service for what you are actually paying for.

And the same thing happens if all your family member or friends in the same area is using the same router. The best solution is to check the high times and avoid playing games at those times or you can move to a new connection by changing the ISP who offers more for what you are paying. These things will depend on the geographical location and the country that you are living in.

6. Fiber Optic Connections

Fiber Optic Connection
Fiber Optic Connection

Fibre connections are the fastest wireless connection by now and you’ll get more speed which can help you a lot in gaming as well. But you will have to pay more before installing this type of connection and if the money isn’t a big issue. You should give it a shot if you can get your hands on one of them. Make sure it’s available in your country and if it doesn’t avoid buying satellite connections just because they are the slowest and the worst connection that you can get for gaming. This is one of the most common tip in the topic of how to reduce ping.

7. Connect to the Nearest Server

Most of the popular online multiplayer titles have their own server around the world and depending on your location it decides which server that you needs to be connected to and if you are living in a country like England and you are connecting to a server from the USA, the data have to travel a whole way long to a far distance and comes back to your device can cause a huge latency. Many games have special programs to decide the server that you need to connect and if it doesn’t make sure you are connected to the nearest server or else you’ll have lagging gameplay even the connection is stable and fast enough.

Game Server
Game Server

There is another method using in some games called Peer – to- Peer hosting which means it communicates with all the devices and places a server with the help of all the devices. However, these connections have both advantages and disadvantages of its own such as there will be issues if there are too many players and it may cause game-breaking glitches if someone is facing high latency in gaming. In that case, make sure about the hosting of the game that you are about to play.

These are the most advanced and the easiest steps of how to reduce PING in online competitive multiplayer games. Always remember you can only minimize it and if these steps didn’t help you at all, then it’s better to move into another game or try playing it at another time because these are the most accurate steps of how to reduce PING in online gaming.

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