Is 5G Networks Bad for Humans?


Modern 5G networks are using millimeter waves, in other words, high-frequency radio waves to improve bandwidth and increase the number of simultaneous devices. However, there are tons of speculations that 5G is dangerous for humans and other animals. Is 5G Networks Bad for Humans? Is it really true?

Many people believe that the radio frequencies of a 5G network can control other animals or even humans as well and people started protesting by saying not to establish 5G connections. All the wireless networks need radio waves to send signals to communicate with another and these waves have different wavelengths and frequencies that give different results. Currently, most of us are using 4G which is the 4th generation of wireless networks and here we can see a huge improvement in the speed but there are some issues such as compatibility and latency. As a solution to this, the 5th generation of mobile wireless networks, the 5G came up to life and this can solve all those problems and even draw your home broadband connection. Let’s see the main technical features of a 5G wireless network.

What is 5G?

In 5G networks, the Internet of Things(IoT) is the main focused feature because now most of the electrical items that we use in our house, office are connected to the internet and we can control them through the internet. To do that the connection should have enough speed and less latency to have smooth control. Not only that the connection should have the capacity to handle a huge number of users without dropping the service.

when we started using GSM phones, we used the 450Mhz band, and later it was developed to use 800Mhz and 850Mhz bands. when creating a wireless network, if we use a radio wave with less frequency, it can travel to a longer distance but the bandwidth and the capacity are at a minimum range. To get rid of this problem, radio waves with high frequencies are used. In the current 4G networks 1800Mhz or 2100Mhz bands were used and due to that the bandwidth and the capacity increased but the range decreased.

And if you can remember the earlier stage of the introduction of 4G networks, Companies had to build new signal towers to provide this facility to each and every one. Unless they are doing that, we were unable to get the experience of a 4G network. In 5G networks, it’s pretty complicated because they have to build more towers or equipment that can provide signals in every direction.

Still, this 5G is at a testing level and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 Olympic which is scheduled to held in Tokyo, Japan was postponed and we lost the best chance to see the real-world experience of the 5G network and the facilities and features coming up with it because there was a plan to establish a 5G network in that specific area. The testing level of 5G, The 5G-E (5G Evolution) is an upgrade of 4G which uses the 3.5Ghz band and is fully completed 5G networks we will see a 26Ghz band and the problem begins with that. Before that let’s see the main highlighted features of a 5G network.

Highlighted Features of 5G

The most and the essential thing is the speed. The scientist says that the theoretical maximum speed will be about 20Gbps but this will change with the number of users joined to the same network. But the minimum speed will be at a level of 100Mbps which is pretty much higher than the usual 4G Network.

In Online Multiplayer Games and video calls, the latency is another big problem, and thanks to these 5G connections the latency will be at a minimum level of 1ms or less than that. In 4G towers, the signals distribute to every direction without caring whether the people are using these 4G connections or not. We use a special name called Omini Directional Transmission to specify that type of connection. But going away from this typical transmission, In 5G towers, a special technology called “Beamforming” to recognize the areas which using the network most, and the signals can be focused on that specific area.

And they can give less focus to the areas with fewer users of the network and by doing this, the efficiency of that tower can be increased to a maximum level. And the capacity of a 5G network is huge that withing 1 SQ KM, even 1,000,000 devices can be easily handled.

Is 5G Networks Bad for Humans?

And now let’s see the problems or the myths that people came up with when introducing the 5G networks. According to simple physics, When the frequency increases, the wavelength decreases. In the 5G connection, it’s less than 1 millimeter and they are called “Submillimeter Waves“. These waves can phase through a wall or any other solid objects and there are absorbed to clouds, tree and etc. As’s mentioned earlier, to work with a 5G network, you are going to need more towers, and having a lineup sight is essential. which means that you need to have direct sight of that particular tower.

Building more towers is quite foolish so the scientist design a special transmitter to do the same job and they can be placed on top of a telephone pole which is pretty much easy and less cost is needed. Because of that, people started arguing saying 5G Networks are bad for humans.

Small Cell on a Telephone Pole

In your home, both your Router and the Microwave Oven uses 2.4Ghz Microwaves to do the job. But the mechanism use in these two items is completely different. In Microwave Ovens, we have a special gadget that can generate high powered Microwaves into the oven. When the Microwave goes in, the small water particles start to move and as a result of the friction force between these particles, heat is generated and we use that heat to cook our meals. But in Routers or Mobile Phones, we don’t use these microwaves to cook anything or create heat to keep us warm. We just need to send signals to communicate. If you are not sure, check the Wattage of your Microwave and you’ll see a number around 1200. But In Wifi Routers it’s just 100mW at the maximum stage. Remember, More Power means More Works!

The small transmitters use in making the 5G network is called a “Small Cell” and an antenna which connects all these small cells in s particular area is called “Massive Mimo“. A small cell has a power consumption of 250mW and in a Massive Mimo, it’s about 120W. If you stand 10m away from a small cell, the power of the magnetic waves that you’ll absorb will be 1MicroWatt. And the Massive Mimos will fix on top of a building which you can’t get very closer but if you stand 30m away the power of the magnetic waves that you are absorbing is less than 1 MicroWatt.

But the Mico Transmitter inserted in our mobile phone is generating 200mW when it’s in maximum power and we are using our phone very closer to our body and this is more dangerous and the magnetic waves that we are absorbed by doing that are x10000 more powerful than a small cell. So if you are thinking that you are safe without 5G, No it’s not. To be safe from you have a couple of different options.

  • Use a phone use which emits less radiation to your body.
  • Stop using mobile phones forever.
  • Keep less interaction with your phone.
  • Improve Coverage of your Mobile Network.
Is 5G Networks Bad for Humans
Mobile Phone Damaging Brains

The first two options are quite hard to tolerate as we are now living in a digital age. But less interaction with your phone or support to improve the coverage of your mobile network is very easy. In some conspiracies and theories, they show that these 5G networks can control human brains, can control birds and the flying directions of them can change the magnetic field of the Earth which will cause climatic changes and many more things. But now You’ll have the answer for all of those matters.

Protesting to stop 5G

People don’t have to be afraid of 5G Networks as they aren’t harmless to humans. 5G Networks are not bad for humans. It’s just the next generation of wireless networks which gives more speed and less latency in using a 5G network. Mobile phones are more harmful than 5G signals and keep less interaction with your mobile phone as much as you can. 5G networks can’t control human minds to make any climate changes on Earth. The only bad thing on this earth is Humans!

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