Is Charging Phone Overnight Bad for Battery?


Charging a smart device with a battery is not something special to concern and each one of us used and charge our smartphone, tablet, gaming console or any other device once a day. Most of the devices have lithium-ion batteries while the capacity of each battery measured by mAh which stands for milliamp hours. Inside the device specifications, users can see the capacity of their device including different charging methods supported by the device. Here we have some false phone battery charging myths and common misconceptions made by users about their smart device battery especially the smartphone.

Phone Charging
Phone Charging

Is it bad to charge your phone to 100?

Charging your phone to a maximum 100% level is not bad for your device but whenever you charge your phone from 0 to 100% and again it reaches 0 one battery cycle gets completed. Each battery has a specific number of cycle and typically phone batteries have around 500 – 600 cycles. After reaching this maximum number of cycles, battery health gets lower and battery draining gets faster. Charging your device below 100% will not avoid completing one cycle which means if you charge your phone 90% then again plugging in after using it for few more hours will not avoid completing a cycle. As soon as it gets a charge for another 10% then the total becomes 100% and completes a cycle.

Many people don’t recommend charging phones overnight due to this reason because if your battery gets charged from 99% to 100% more than a hundred times within this time period, it completes a cycle without even using your phone for a second. So it’s better to unplug it after charging it to 100%

Is Charging Phone Overnight Bad for Battery?

Inside our smartphone battery, the manufacturers have designed and inserted a special circuit that detects the charging level of your phone and when the charging process gets completed, it automatically disconnects the charger even though the charging pin is connected. But as soon as the charge drops to 99% then it automatically detects and restarts the charging process and stops when the level reached 100%. Battery explosions or damage to your smartphone is not possible by charging your phone overnight. You can use a smart plug and set a timer to turn off your charger without making any issues. However, there are some situations you might need to focus on, which we point out in the above section.

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Does charging your phone every night bad for the battery?

Charging your device day or night doesn’t make a difference in your device health or performance. Most of the smartphones have a battery span of 1 1/2 Day and this can be changed with the usage and what type of applications you are using on your phone. Charging a phone once a day doesn’t mean that your battery is damaged and you can charge your battery every night. If you wish to keep it charging overnight refer to the section about Is Charging Phone Overnight Bad for Battery?

How many times should you charge your phone a day?

Charging your phone multiple times a day or just once for a day depends on the usage of that particular device. Typically two or three years after buying, the battery drain gets a bit faster and you may need to charge your phone twice or thrice a day. Unless your device is too new, charging your device more than one time a day is completely normal and you can lower the brightness level, close background apps, limiting mobile data usage and any other necessary steps to save your battery level.

Is it dangerous to use phone while charging?

Using the phone while charging is not something highly dangerous but when using your phone like that gives the same results of charging it overnight. Charging and using the energy gets stored inside your battery happens continuously over and over results completing a battery cycle or even more depending on the work you are doing with it. And also most of the devices generates more heat in the charging process. If you are using it while charging creates some extra heat. But to measure the temperature smartphones have their own methods and gives a warning if something goes wrong. Apart from that, nothing can go wrong even you use your phone while charging.

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What is the best battery percentage to charge your phone?

Experts recommend charging smartphones when the battery level reached somewhere around 30% – 50% and charge it back to 100% to keep your battery in a good state. Charging a phone battery after reaching it to 0% is one of the worst things you can do with your battery which shorts the lifespan. Also if you are buying brand new, you don’t need to keep it charging for 6 hours or 100%. Every new device holds a 40% – 50% charge inside its battery. Charge it to 100% and use it or you can charge it after using it for some time.

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Is it essential to Buy original chargers and Wall Adapters?

Buying original accessories isn’t essential every time because third party manufacturers are also delivering some great products but do not buy cheap stuff although it’s not original as it can cause damages to your device. Furthermore, check whether these chargers or adapters support the technologies like fast charging if your device has such features.

All these numbers can vary from one brand to another but the science behind every item is just the same. Never fall into lies and myths without knowing the real reason or any sort of evidence to prove it. We are living in a digital age so just refer to Google or YouTube to verify those things without trusting them in the first place.

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