Is Threadripper Worth it?: Quick Overview and Guide


Featuring a massive number of cores and some other cool features, AMD Threadripper had beaten the dominance of Intel’s Extreme and X-Series high-end CPUs. And due to its high capability of performances, Threadripper isn’t something that everyone is going to need because there are plenty of other budget or decent options on the shelf available and categorized for different purposes. This quick overview will focus on Is Threadripper worth buying it or should you move for another option.

AMD Threadripper acts like a wild card in most cases not only because of it’s high performances but even if you don’t want to buy it, you still have different options to make yourself comfortable with. In the AMD lineup, Ryzen 3 models are for budget builds, Ryzen 5 for mid-range computers while Ryzen 7 series is just for high-end PC users. Ryzen 9 series is just meant for the enthusiast builders who need to crush their build with extreme components. Unlikely the other CPUs, AMD Threadripper is mainly focused on the content creators who need lots of computing power each and every time. And there’s one thing that comes to our mind and it’s pretty straight forward, which is the core count.

Is Threadripper Worth it

Basic Features and Overview

While all the other general-purpose CPUs features core counts form 4 to 16, AMD Threadripper starts from 8 cores with the 1900x chip and moves all the way up to 64 cores in 3990x chips. Apart from that, each of those has simultaneous multi-threading which means if you are using the latest Threadripper chip, you are just looking at 128 threads within just one socket. Moreover, the typical AM4 motherboard won’t be able to handle these chips which are quite huge in their size.

Threadripper models required TR-4 or STR-4 sockets specially designed for this heavy chunky CPU. And before jumping into a Threadripper, users do need to make a decision to continue their build because when moving from a normal AMD CPU to a Threadripper, you do need to change the motherboard as well and it is going to cost you more.

TR-4 Socket - AMD Threadripper
TR-4 Socket – AMD Threadripper

When you re reaching out to check new CPUs for your computer, most of the users gets tricked easily with a false idea of having more cores means better performances. This isn’t going to work each and every time especially when it comes to gaming. Having more cores doesn’t mean you are having the best in-game performances. Most of the games are optimized to use 3 to 6 cores and that’s what you need to get the ultimate gaming experience.

Make sure you check the article about CPU Cores vs Gaming from here if you still have doubts about it. Buying a Threadripper just for gaming is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your life. Threadripper is useful for high-end workstations that required a ton of processing power generated with its cores and each of those cores must have higher clock speeds and that’s why AMD Threadripper isn’t suitable for server computers either.

Cache Memory is also another key feature that is required to store very important and frequently used data so the CPU can access them without seeking into massive storage drives. Threadripper also features a higher level 3 cache around 256 MB helps a lot in multi-tasking. Not only these chips have more core counts make them different but also the I/O.

Is Threadripper Worth it

Threadripper models have more PCIe lanes than the other AMD counterparts. The very first two generations had almost 60 PCIe 3.0 lanes, 48 of them are linked to the motherboard giving permission to stretch the legs by plugging multi GPUs and the rest goes along for the storages. If you are buying the 3000 series Threadripper, this is bumped up to 64 lanes and the PCIe 4.0 as well. These things get handy if you are interested in having more storage, virtualization or engaging in crypto mining.

Furthermore, these chips support quad-channel RAM configurations while the Threadripper Pro supports up to octal channel configurations. If you don’t have an idea how this different ram configuration helps your PC, make sure you read this guide about multi-channel ram configurations from here and this is something you should get your hand on because it helps you to make your PC faster. It’s obvious to have drawbacks whenever something tries to crack the normal standards. In Threadripper, there are two major factors you need to consider before buying it.

AMD Threadripper Price
AMD Threadripper Price

The first one is going to be the price and in the first place 2017, the cheapest models cost around 549$ but in the current market it costs more than 1300$ while the high-end models cost over 4000$ but still AMD is cheaper than the Intel models. When a CPU is performing with higher clock speeds, the TDP is also reaching higher limits which means you should buy a proper cooling to take out the heat generated in your system.

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Finally, Is Threadripper worth it?

If you are a content creator or a person who needs a lot of computing power, then the Threadripper is the best choice for you because with it’s massive performances you will save your time a lot more than before. For any other builds, this will be just a waste of your money as there are many more options out there to complete your tasks. Or else you can try upgrading other components to speed up your system rather than investing money just to buy a CPU.

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