Is TikTok a Trend or Threat


Tiktok is one of the biggest social media platforms that allow the users to create, share and enjoy short videos according to their preferences. And it encourages people to show their creativity or talents to the entire world. You don’t need to have a huge room and camera setups to make a video on this TikTok platform. The only requirement that you need to pop up the creativity inside you. However more than 800 million active users are out there with a majority of teenage users and recently due to some reasons, it got banned in some regions pointing out that TIKTOK is a threat for national security.

How TikTok started

Recording a Video
Recording a Video

According to the developers, there’s a creative man inside every human and TikTok is the platform for those people to capture and share all memorable, important moments of their life. Tiktok is a combination of several different apps and the teenagers are the main targetted user base of this social media platform. This app is owned by a Chinese company called “ByteDance” started in 2012. Mr Zhang Yiming is the founder of this company and he’s a former software engineer at Microsft.

Before TikTok came to life, an app called “Toutiao” was created to fulfil the need of Facebook inside china and the coolest thing is this whole platform was empowered by AI. And later it was converted to this famous video app called Tiktok.

Before releasing this for worldwide users, ByteDance company released a prototype of this in China with another name as an experiment and later in 2017, it was released worldwide with the name of Tiktok. But there were
several other apps which allow the users to create short videos including and Vine. After realizing the competitors Tiktok took the ownership of and merged it with Tiktok along with its users. And the
powerful AI is also another key factor which makes this Tiktok more dominant in the industry.

How TikTok algorithm works

As same as other social media platforms, Tiktok is also powered with Artificial Intelligence. In the first place, “Toutiao” was a news app providing latest news using more than 5000 news sources and the user’s search intent. The coolest thing is this AI had the ability to brief the news into 400 characters. The same AI was more developed and used in the Tiktok app and it already knows what people want to see and what people hate.

Social Media Network

In Youtube or Facebook, artificial intelligence is using as a tool to learn the users and suggest videos, films to them. And also users can filter what should and what should not appear on their feed. In Tiktok that feature was dropped out and viewers have to go through the AI suggested videos and depending on the time that user engages on a specific type of video will signal the algorithm to show more similar content to the users.

Because of that, users are getting addicted to platform and users tend to spend more time watching videos. Stats show that a typical user spends an average time of 52 minutes and users open this app at least 8 times a day. All these improvements were done by using the computer brain: AI technology.

Why TikTok is so Popular

The main reason for the huge popularity is the simple design provided inside this app. In a platform like youtube, the content creators have to spend a lot of time making scripts, researches, filming, editing till it finally processed and uploaded to youtube. Even though it seems pretty easy, it needs knowledge, time and resources to come up with a video that can engage users. Helping the people who are struggling to pull their creativity out and making a stage for them was the mission of Tiktok.

To upload a video in TikTok, users don’t need to be a highly-skilled video editor because there are tons of features, filters, effects that can be applied with a powerful editor provided inside the app. Having a smartphone and the Tiktok app is more than enough to perform your creative idea in-front of the world.

As a result, TikTok became more and more famous around the world by getting 1.5 billion downloads worldwide.

Can you make money on TikTok

Even though it’s not available for some regions, the content creators on the TikTok platform can also make money by creating great videos. Creators get paid for the number of views there are getting for a video. This can be around 2-4 cents per 1000 views and this may change according to the situation and region as well. But the video should agree to the terms and conditions and TikTok can ban your account at any moments if you are violating the terms and conditions.

If you are wondering how TikTok makes money if they are paying back to the users here’s how that process happens. When playing videos you can see advertisements and those advertisers payments are the primary methods which generate money to the company. Apart from that all the other paid features inside the app also generate more income that’s enough to make profits of millions.

Why TikTok is Banned

TikTok Ban
TikTok Ban

In each platform, there are users who don’t know how to use them or how to sort out the real value. Due to the vast growth in social media, users need to be more careful with everything that they are doing inside them. Recently the Indian government decided to ban TikTok to stop the damage done to the Indian culture but mainly because of security issues that can come up over the government. The main reason is the company that owns and operates this has the Chinese Communist Party looking over their shoulders all the time. All major platforms including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google are banned in China because they concern more about the security than the people’s intent.

The experts say that there can be backdoors with the system to steal users data even the platform is enjoyable and entertainable on the front end. Yet non of these cases were confirmed but the investigations are continuing to check if there’s any security threat inside this app.

Where TikTok is Banned

India is the first country that bans TikTok completely after a border clash with China. But other countries around the world are considering similar steps. Japan is also speaking about enforcing a ban on the national platform, and in 2018, Indonesia effectively imposed a temporary ban on the platform.

Still, no one knows what is the final mission of this platform but this is a great platform for the users to come up with some clever and creative ideas and make your own stage in front of a worldwide audience.

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