Making Profits with Digital Profiles


Now we all are living in a digital era as each and everything is getting digitalized by now. When we are signing up for a new service or a platform, we have to submit our data and create our own profile. In this process most of the time we only care about the password to make sure that no one can’t gain access to it. But did you know in all well-known services like Facebook, Google we all are getting sold inside them as Digital Profiles?

Most of you might be noticed that after you search for some product on the internet, having a discussion about something, or even you just watching a video about a product, suddenly some advertisements from that specific product or brand or maybe similar products for that are getting appeared on your Facebook wall or Google Advertisements. How does this happen? Are Google and other services tracking us? Read this to find out what is your digital profile and how we all are getting sold on the Internet.

In the digital world money is not the most precious thing, It’s data. if we collect someone’s data continuously for a few days we can have a complete picture and an idea about that person from each and every criteria. The food he likes to eat, places he likes to travel, daily routine and schedule, personality, and everything can be understood by doing that simple process. But do you be comfortable sharing your personal life with anyone? Most of your answer will be a big NO! But we all are sharing all our personal data at an extreme level by creating fully completed digital profiles and footprints everywhere.

What is Digital Profile?

As it was mentioned earlier, in most cases we need to create a profile by giving some of our simple information and we agree to their privacy policies, terms and conditions. But neither I nor you are not going to read all that stuff and we just agree to them by clicking on the tick mark and just sign up.

For some reason, we need to give permissions to access the services in our phone like GPS to track our location, storage to store the photos and videos, etc. But have you ever thought about how these companies earn by giving thousands of dollars worth of services for free? Have you ever heard that Facebook or Google is taking debts from another company to give free services for people?

Digital profiles are like a database that stores all our data. All the photos that we uploaded, places we went, things that we searched in search engines were added to this profile, and imagine gathering all these types of data from billions of users worldwide. After collecting these types of particular data from users, a virtual profile without our name was created by AI Programmes, and by looking at this profile we can decide and predict everything about that person. This is what we called a Digital Profile.

Google Vs. Congress

Making Profits with Digital Profiles

Develop AI Programmes

In another few decades, most of the things are going to be automated and digitalized and the whole control will be given to AI Programmes as they perform much faster than humans. And going away with the fingerprint security systems, Face recognition or voice recognition and control can be performed even in your smartphone because they add better and stronger security. But day by day we are getting old and our face and the voice is getting changed. But we can’t update these security options each and every day. But training these AI programs to recognize the changes in our face and voice we need some sort of training data to train these AIs.

And to do that companies use videos and photos which we add to this digital environment and using them, these AI programs are getting trained and we don’t need to change the biometric security options every day. Suggesting your friends after uploading a photo to FB, Suggesting new friends on social media, detecting whether something is not appropriate or not suitable for that platform, and many tasks were performed thanks to these AI Programmes and this is going to be much much complicated in the future.

How Nvidia use AI Programmes in Gaming:

Advertising Purposes

In the beginning, we discussed some unexpected incidents that happened when browsing the internet. An advertisement of the same product which you searched for recently is being shown to you on Facebook or Google and how this happens? It all happens by analyzing our digital profiles.

Our digital profile is a complete virtual clone of ourself and by analyzing it we can easily know which time is the best to show the advertisements to you, which time you use the internet most, what type of things do you like, which places do you visit most and all the other information of us. By analyzing these data they can suggest the companies and their products that suit you at the correct time and that’s how the mysterious advertisements get appeared on your screen. Remember, they don’t sell your data to advertising companies. They just create a digital profile of yours and by analyzing it, they suggest the advertisements provided by the advertisers.

For example, imagine that you are an advertiser and you need to show an advertisement for a gaming laptop to the users. And you pay to Facebook and tell them this advertisement must be shown to the gamers and you can be more specific with the brand or any other features. After that Facebook scrolls through digital profiles and if our profiles are matching those criteria, then the advertisement will be shown to you.

Why Facebook Collects Data?

In each and every process we are completely anonymous but all our data is getting tracked. But among billions of users, the probability of being a victim is like 0.00000000001% and you don’t need to be afraid to use these services because they are not selling your data to third party companies but they use them to train their own AI Programmes to make the job easy for me and you when finding someone or doing something in this cyberspace.

But always be careful when giving permissions when installing an app or software, giving your personal details to unknown sites or people as they can be very dangerous and harmful. Always remember that In the cyber world, money is not the most precious thing, It’s DATA.

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