RTX 3000 SERIES: Higher Performances Low Price


Nvidia unrevealed the details about the next line up in their list RTX 3000 series at the beginning of September this year and this event grab everyone’s attention with the unbelievable price cut down. This event held as an online live event and they hope with the performances of the new generation and the latest Ray Tracing experiences will be groundbreaking technology.

Fortnite, Control, Cyberpunk 2077 games were featured in this event as they are using these full features of Ray Tracing technology. RTX 3080 was named as the mainstream card and apart from that 3070, 3090 and they have officially announced that there’s going to be another variant as RTX 3060.

RTX 3090 is equal to Titan Series from GTX which means that these cards are going to be used for more powerful workstations that need more powerful GPUs. As a result, a limited number of 3090 cards will be out there but both 3080 and 3070 adapters are going to fulfill the needs of gamers. RTX 3060 will be out there around January of 2021 and the RX 6000 from AMD is going to give a great competition with more powerful GPUs for a reasonable price range.

If we look back at the previous RTX 2000 series, the performances will be like this. According to Nvidia’s benchmarks

RTX 3080 = Faster than RTX 2080Ti and x2 Faster than RTX 2080 with 10GB GDDR6X VRAM

RTX 3070 = Equal to the performance of a RTX 2080Ti with 8GB GRRD6 VRAM

(The real world benchmarks may not be the same as they announced)

And the Prices will be like this. Remember these prices are for the Founders Editions only.

RTX 3080 – 699$

RTX 3070 – 499$

RTX 3090 – 1500$


Going away from their old Turing technology, The Ampere Architecture will be the base for the 3000 gen GPUs. In these newest designs, we could no longer see 8 pin arrangements in these cards. To minimize the space consumption on the PCB, these 8 pins are combined and created 12 Pin-connector.

A new cooling system with two fans on both sides will give the maximum cooling by dragging and pulling the airflow in both directions and better thermal performance will also be there with these brand new series.

The below graph will give you more basic performance info about all of them.

But all these things are only about their Founders Edition cards and the Cooling systems, Clock speeds and power consumption will vary according to the other manufacturers like ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, Zotac. For more details visit Nvidia Official Site and Blog.

Gaming with RTX 3000

No doubt that the RTX 3000 series have improved and ready to give way more experience in gaming that we’ve ever had. The RTX 3090 will be capable to give 8K resolution and a Frame Rate of 60.

All these three cards were released with PCI Express Gen 4 technology and this technology is only supported by a combination of AMD 3rd Gen Processor and AMD 3rd Gen Motherboard. There’s a huge debate that Intel is the best in gaming however there are no compatible options from Intel that support this PCI Express Gen 4 Technology. Till they release a competitor, AMD is the only option to get the maximum throughput from these beasts.

Another thing that should be highlighted is the Nvidia’s RTX I/O Technology.

Normally when we are playing a game, all the data should be taken out from our SSD or Hard Drive and through the processor, all the game data, textures, etc. should be loaded to the RAM. Because of this long process, we can experience long loading times, low FPS rates, and many issues in gaming.

To avoid that using the I/O technology, game data, files or textures will not be sent to the CPU or RAM. They will directly load to your VRAM way faster from the SSD or Hard Drive. To develop this technology Microsoft also gave their hand and this new feature will be sent to your PC in an update.

By doing this we can expect less loading times, higher FPS rates, and a better gaming experience for the consumers especially gamers.

Reasons for the Price Drop

Though it’s an unfair moment for the 2000 series users, no one knew the real price points of this brand new GPU Series. The new price points are based on the value inside the market for their previous versions. We won’t be able to see low price points like this if this RTX platform becomes more famous than now. The lack of users and games that have been developed using this RTX technology is another major point for these low prices.

While Nvidia releasing their RTX 3000 series, AMD released their RX 5000 series by giving a huge competition. This makes a huge change in Nvidia’s GPU line up. Nvidia stopped the production of their RTX 2060 cards and bought super variants to face the challenger by giving a bit more performances than AMD.

By looking at this race between these huge companies, AMD cards can also be recommended as a good solution for the users and they have also announced their 6000 series will also be in the market before the end of November 2020. In December there will be a huge difference in Graphic Hardware and there will be more good choices for you. If you are willing to build your dream gaming PC setup, wait till Christmas because you’ll be able to go for a much better offer with this new competition in both CPU and GPUs.

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