Should I Overclock My GPU


Even though overclocking can be done with any device with a clock speed, the computer CPU is the first thing that comes into the action. But the GPU overclocking can also be valuable or important in some certain cases but it’s hard to tell which component should be overclocked as it depends on the certain task that you wish to do with it.

Which means if you are a gamer there are some games that need a higher CPU clock speed and in that case overclocking the CPU can give much more improvement over the gameplay while the majority of the games depends over the GPU performances which means overclocked GPU can improve the gaming experience. But is necessary to overclock a GPU? If you are in doubt whether should I overclock my GPU, then this will help you with that.

Should I overclock my GPU
Overclocking the GPU

In simple terms, overclocking means just pushing beyond the limits. Mostly the term overclocking is familiar with electronic items just because everything with a CPU can be overclocked if you do it in the right way. Even a small calculator can also be overclocked and with the overclocking, users can get more performances with the same components without spending money. But it’s required to have a good knowledge before attempting to overclocking otherwise it can cause numerous error in the system.

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Benefits of Overclocking a GPU

There is no doubt that you can get more performance by overclocking if you are doing it in the correct way. The process is quite similar to overclocking a CPU but easier than it. Having lots of patience is essential if you are trying to overclock this kind of device. By overclocking a budget GPU can successfully fulfil your basic demands of playing the next big gaming title on your computer while a high-end graphics card can give you the next-gen performances if you how to control it without damaging.

Gaming with Overclocked GPU
Gaming with Overclocked GPU

Throughout the overclocking process of the GPU, the base clock is getting increased but isn’t the only thing that we need to consider. Especially the cooling solutions should be at a maximum level of performance because it creates a lot of heat when overclocking the GPU. But for the base case, we can consider only the base clock. With the increase of the base clock performance, it leads the GPU to handle more data once single time giving the opportunity for gamers to have higher FS rates.

Unlikely a CPU, it’s not very simple to reach to the limit of too much overclocking with a GPU as most of the Softwares can automatically detect the safest level of overclocking and provides a ceiling without pushing more beyond that limit. And it’s not that easy to reach the damaging level unless you are doing it in the wrong way. But you do have to specify with the GPU because two graphics cards from the same model with different manufacturers can be handling in different rates.

Major Drawbacks of GPU Overclocking

Comparatively it quite easy and safe to overclock a GPU rather than a CPU. In fact, most of the overclocking components get shorter lifespan and it’s same with GPU. But that’s not a big issue because no one recommends continuing with overclocking in the first place after buying brand new. But within a few years after buying, the same performances might not be enough and in such cases, overclocking can be recommended. Unless the GPU dies before you are planning or even thinking of changing it, you are good to go.

GPU Mining
GPU Mining

On the other hand, if you are planning to sell your old graphics card to buy a new one, you must think twice before overclocking. Most of the cases, overclocked GPUs get much lower rates when selling because no one needs to buy a GPU which squeezed to get the last drop of performances for a long time. As soon as you overclock a GPU, it voids the warranty from the manufacturers, and that’s one big reason to avoid doing it in the first place.

Should I overclock my GPU?

After analyzing the benefits and major drawbacks of overclocking a GPU, it can be recommended with few more conditions over it. Make sure you are pushing it too much at once because you don’t need to get your GPU damaged that quickly. And also check on the internet to know the safest and the maximum limits of the GPU that you are using in fact there are some GPUs which doesn’t give that much performance boost even it gets overclocked.

If you are going to sell your current GPU as soon as a newer model enters to the market, you do need to think twice before overclocking but if the budget isn’t a problem then you don’t need to give that much attention. Always keep an eye over the temperatures and make sure you are running a stress test to make sure you are not damaging the item in log term use.

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