Top 10 Things You Need To Know About BlackBerry Mobiles


In mobile phone history, Blackberry was giant in manufacturing super quality mobile phone with high technology and features. But unfortunately, because of bad decision-making, the whole company broke down and the giant Blackberry Company had to close their door forever. By the time they were closing, millions of mobiles were sold worldwide and everyone amazed and everyone had huge questions about the breakdown of this company. Here are the top 10 things you need to know about Blackberry Mobiles and after reading this you’ll know everything from A-Z about the past, present, and future of Blackberry mobile phones.

1. In 1984, Two Canadian Engineering student named Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin started a company named “Research In Motion”(RIM). In the first place RIM wasn’t a company that manufactures mobile phones but they have done some projects like LED systems, Film editing systems and etc.

2. In 1996 they released the first Two Way Pager which can transfer or receive data. Even some Two-way Pagers were able to send emails and SMS and because of that Two Way pagers became more popular among businessmen. Later when they updating the pager, colored displays, Wi-Fi, Instant Messaging, and Web browsing features were added to give an extreme experience to the buyers.

3. The year 2002 is the first time that the RIM company released their initial phone and the Blackberry name came up because the keys of the keypad were designed with the shape of Blackberry. Instead of the normal keypad, Blackberry phones came with a full keypad with dedicated buttons for each character as same as a PC keyboard. This gives an elegant look to the Blackberry phones.

Blackberry Keyboard

4. Rather than the normal people, the Blackberry brand became very popular among businessmen. People were addicted to buying Blackberry phones. The simple design makes it easy to use, the keyboard makes the job easy for professional users and the Blackberry Messanger is the main highlighted key feature that boosts the popularity of Blackberry phones.

5. By the year 2007, Blackberry made over 3 billion dollars profit and got into contracts and business deals with the government as they were the main leading company in mobile phone manufacturing. In 2010, 50% from US smartphone market, 20% from Global smartphone market were controlled by Blackberry.

6. At the same time period, Apple owner Steve Jobs tried to find weak points in the Blackberry phones and the keyboard with 40 buttons was the main weak point. After realizing this, Apple released the iPhones with a fully youch screen by replacing the normal keypad. With this amazing touch screen, Apple iPhones were able to attract the majority of Blackberry users and this is not the main reason why Blackberry was thrown out from the competition. Though the majority of users stepped away, Blackberry didn’t want to change the design and give a competition with their opponent.

7. Blackberry Storm Device was launched in 2008 but it failed to attract the stepped away customers again. Instead of that lots of bad reviews came up but due to the high price of iPhones and the professional keyboard Storm devices were also sold worldwide but in fewer numbers than the previous years.

8. Lack of new designs in phones, using the same technology over generations, releasing less number of new devices than Apple and Motorolla, a huge improvement in iPhone designs and technology made a huge impact on
Blackberry and due to these reasons Blackberry lost all the users.

9. In 2013, RIM company released the Spec Competitive Touch Screen Device and changed its company name to Blackberry. But it was too late. Blackberry developers were failed to compete with other brands. Comparing to
Apple App Store and Google Play Store, only a few apps were left in the Blackberry store and this made the users frustrated about the Blackberry brand.

10. Though 432 Million phones sold in 2016, only two hundred thousand phones were sold worldwide and Market Share became 0% by giving a deadly shot to Blackberry. In the same year, Blackberry was sold to TCL by making a deal to combine TCLs hardware designs and Blackberry software designs together. Later they changed their operating system to Andriod instead of Blackberry OS.

Top 10 Things You Need To Know About BlackBerry Mobiles
Blackberry KEY2 LE

The last device from Blackberry was released in 2018, the KEY2 LE and after that, no device was released and TCL TCL terminated its partnership with BlackBerry in February but however, A new company named OnwardMobility says it has made an agreement to use its branding and intellectual property to develop a new Android 5G keyboard smartphone with the BlackBerry software company, arriving in the US and Europe in 2021.

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