Top 5 Best Open World Games for PC


With the developing of gaming engines, open-world games graphics had become much more advanced from old times and because of that, gamers much more like to play open-world games as they can enjoy even without playing missions or completing the levels in the main storyline. Let’s see the top 5 best open world games for PC by the end of 2020 but there can be other games which people will love to play rather than one or more games from this list.

Open world games are a particular type of game which let the players roam freely around the game environment without making tight limitations to the players and also they can interact with the objects inside the gameplay and have a real world experience throughout the game.

Here is the list of Top 5 Best Open World Games for PC

1. Grand Theft Auto 5(GTA V)

Top 5 Best Open World Games for PC
GTA V Gameplay

Grand Theft Auto 5, well-known as GTA 5 developed by Rockstar Games and initially released in 2013 by doing a huge revolution in both GTA and Gaming history. GTA V is an action and adventure game by giving both offline storyline mode and online modes. The game lets the player freely roam in a fictional city of Los Santos mainly based on real-world Los Angeles City. The Single Story mode flows with three main characters, Michael De Santa who’s a retired bank robber, Franklin Clinton who’s a street gangster and drug dealer and arms smuggler Trevor Philips. The story starts with a bank heist and gunfights, fightings and driving can be seen through many scenes inside the game.

GTA V Max Settings

This can be played either in third-person or first-person view and players can travel throughout the map using vehicles or by foot. The notoriety will be shown as wanted levels and most of the laws are just same as the real world. In multiplayer mode, players can customize their character and it lets up to 30 players to join and engage in different cooperative and competitive game modes and missions which take place all around the map. GTA 5 can be played in all major platforms including Playstation, Windows and Xbox consoles as well. By maximizing the graphics, players can get the most realistic experience throughout the whole game.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is another masterpiece of gaming which was developed by Rockstar Games and released as the third entry of the Red Dead Series. It was released in the year 2018 as an action and adventure game which take place in a fictional environment of the Western, Midwestern, and Southern parts of the United States back in 1899. The story flows with Arthur Morgan who’s an outlaw and trying to survive against the functioning government forces, other outlaw gangs.

Top 5 Best Open World Games for PC
Red Dead Redemption 2

The game is presented from both first and third-person perspectives, and in its immersive open world, the player can freely explore. Shootouts, heists, hunting, horseback riding, engaging with non-player characters, steal, hijacks and retaining the respected rating of the character by moral choices and actions comprise gameplay elements. The reaction of enforcement and bounty hunters to crimes committed by the player is controlled by a bounty system almost like the ‘wanted’ system in the GTA storyline.

The real old days’ experience can be gained and this game claimed to be the game with the highest graphics before Cyberpunk 2077 was released. Players can engage in various adventures tasks in different environments and climates in both single and multiplayer modes.

3. Witcher 3:Wild Hunt

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, a role-playing game initially released in 2015 which was developed and published by CD Projekt. Stroy was based on a fantasy novel series written by Andrzej Sapkowski. The story flows with Geralt of Rivia, who’s a witcher looking for his missing adopted daughter on the run from wild hunt an otherworldly force determined to catch her. The game takes place in a fictional fantasy universe based on Slavonic mythology.

Witcher 3:Wild Hunt
Witcher 3:Wild Hunt

With guns and spells, players combat the game’s many hazards, connect with non-player characters, and complete quests to gain experience points and money, which are used to increase Geralt’s skills and buy equipment. The core plot has multiple endings, decided at various points in the game by the player’s choices. Can be played on all major platforms and with the successful story and graphics, Witcher 3:WIld Hunt became one of the best selling games in the world

Exhilarating fantasy role-playing experience is out there with many opportunities to make use of its excellent combat given and even 100 hours of gameplay isn’t enough to deal with everything, learn and hunt in the Witcher 3. Much like the Witcher 2 before it, Witcher 3 is dense and deep in terms of RPG mechanics and the overwhelmingly massive open-world environment has only made that intimidating at first and more rewarding in long run.

Massive open-world map, great characters, deep roleplaying and responsive combat makes the game more interesting to the player while the story is a little bit padding over the whole game. Overall Witcher 3 can be considered as the best open-world Witcher game ever.

4. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Ultra Gameplay

Another great game designed by CD Projekt and claimed to be the game with most advanced and highest graphics. The game was based on the future world and technologies with night city experience. Categorized as action and role-play game model and have to play in First Person perspective. Initially released for all major gaming platforms but seems to have issues and bugs in both graphics and gameplay.

The character can be fully customizable such as the cyberwar, skillset, playstyle and etc. Can interact with not playable characters and explore the vast city and nightlife while making choices and creating your own gaming environment around you. The vast majority of what you can do in the night city is entirely optional but extremely impactful as well.

The strength of the mission themselves and the broad and interesting choices you have within this game makes Cyberpunk 2077 one of the most exciting and awesome RPG games ever built in history. CYberpunk 2077 kicks you into its dazzlingly dense cityscape with few restrictions. It offers a staggering amount of choice and your decisions can have a tangible impact on both the world and the people around you. The main quest is quite small than it expected when taken on its own but the multitude of optional missions available can have a surprisingly powerful effect in the gameplay

5. Microsoft Fight Simulator 2020

Microsoft flight simulator 2020, is the most advanced and realistic flight simulator ever made in gaming history. The whole game environment and planes were inspired and designed on real-world aircraft and places. Developed by Asobo Studios and published by Xbox Game Studios on August 2020.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

This game simulates the whole earth using the data on Bing Maps and you can almost visit your own house in this game. All the game physics, climate changes, controls are slightly the same as a real aircraft ride experience. To get the absolute feel, it needs to play with maximum graphics. The base version comes with 20 aeroplanes and 30 handcrafted airports but all the other 37000+ airports are generated using technology.

Inside the cockpit, the level of detail in the aeroplanes is also astounding which you can take a screenshot and share it on social media and easily fool a lot of people. And also flying in the evening or night gives away more life satisfying experience that you can’t even imagine how crazy or how advance the technology is. You can even download real aircraft manuals to operate the aircraft you pick as it’s so accurate though this is just a game.

These are the Top 5 Best open world games for PC by the end of 2020 and please notice, the top 5 open world games list can be varied according to peoples perspective. This post is just about making suggestions and good recommendations about the best games and the gaming experience can differ according to the performances of the computer as well.

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