Top 5 Things to Check Before Buying a Laptop in 2021


Maybe you are struggling or planning to buy a brand new laptop in 2021, and you may have different choices from different brands. Here are the top 5 things to check before buying a laptop in 2021 to help you to pick the best laptop that suits you most among the hundreds of variations in the market. This article is a complete guide from a-z within in-depth details, explaining the key factors that you must consider when buying a laptop in 2021.

Maybe you are researching on the internet about the best laptops suits for your budget or already decided a laptop to buy. Go through this guide to find out whether you have chosen the correct combination of performances that will help you to carry all your work throughout the next few years without making any troubles.

Here are the key factors to check,

1. Your Use Case Scenario

This is the most important and the factor which gets less attention when people do their research. Mainly there are two types of people who come up with an idea of buying a laptop.

  • People who really need a laptop
  • People who need a Desktop but have to buy a laptop

If you are a college student, lecturer, businessman or a person who’s busy with office work buying or building a desktop won’t be a good solution for you because you need to carry your device from place to place and you need a laptop. And if you are a designer, programmer, content creator or someone who’s doing some heavy tasks throughout the whole day with few breaks and needs a lot of computing power.

For these situations, Building a PC will be the best option. But when you get busy schedules, waiting till copying your projects to a Pendrive or portable device and carrying it to your clients or workplace seems pretty hard and the only option is to buy a high-end laptop so you can take it anywhere you want.

Before buying a laptop, decide which category you are in and after that, continue your research. If you need a laptop, then a thin and light laptop with long-lasting battery power will be perfect for performing all the tasks you want throughout the day. But if you really need a PC and you are buying a laptop as there’s no other option, a high-end bulky laptop is the one which suits for you most. Always decide the form factor before purchasing a laptop.

2. Screen

After choosing the first factor, the next big thing is the screen. If you are professional video or photo editor, choosing an IPS panel with SRGB accuracy is way more important and check other ratings if possible as it can give better colour reproduction. (TN panels are also there with all the certifications and SRGB accuracy.) When buying a laptop for gaming, having a screen with a higher refresh rate is also essential to get the full gaming experience. When it comes to the sizes of the screens, for professional work, the 15.6-inch display will be perfect, but for regular users, it can be around 13 inches.

top 5 things to check before buying a laptop in 2021
Different Laptop Screens

And when buying a laptop for professional work, make sure the laptop screen is with anti-glare(Matt) or otherwise if you have a glossy screen, light reflections can disturb you a lot if you are using it in a place where you can’t
control the lightings in the surrounding. Especially when it comes to budget laptops, most of the times they are using gloss screens so make sure you read the description before buying a laptop, or you can Google the model and find information from the company’s official site. Buying a laptop with Matt option is better for anyone who wishes to buy a laptop in 2021.

3. Connectivity & Extension Expandability

Usually, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivities are given as inbuilt features. Usually, there are 2 or 3 USB Type-A ports and having that number of USB ports are essential when using portable drives, mouse or keyboard at the same time. And having a USB Type-C port is also considered as a plus point in 2021. Moreover, that HDMI output, Card reader, Sound In/Out Ports are some other features that you can look forward when buying a laptop in 2021.

Suppose you are a business owner, office worker or a student. In that case, you need to participate for meetings and presentations and students, especially doing the online presentations and viva sessions, is a must. For that, having a webcam is essential. By now mainly we can see webcams on top of the screen or at the bottom of the laptop screen. Try to buy a laptop with a webcam placed on the top of the screen, and let’s move to the next tip from the top 5 things to check before buying a laptop in 2021



For lightweight laptop users, this is not a big problem. Normally continue with a laptop that suits your budget. But if you are buying a laptop as your workstation, check and make sure whether the CPU is powerful enough to handle the workload that you wish to do with it. The brand can be Intel or AMD; there are different variations and how you are supposed to know it? It’s so easy!

Just type the CPU model number into Google, and if it’s an Intel CPU, you’ll see search results from a site called, and If it’s an AMD CPU, You’ll see results from there official product page. Just scroll down and find the TDP value of your CPU. Though it doesn’t give an exact idea, you can get a rough idea about how much power it takes when it’s up and running.

TDP value of CPU

This number can be a number within 10 to 45 range and If it shows as 10W(mostly this will be a U series CPU) and there are designed to perform small tasks with long-lasting battery life. With this type of CPUs, video rendering, photo editing can take a long time to give the output. But if your CPU has a TDP of 35W or 45W, it means that it was designed for heavy tasks.

CPU performance over TDP


For 2020, having a laptop with at least 8GB RAM is a must as all the software are getting updated with new features. As the next step check the upgradability of your RAM. After another couple of years, maybe you’ll need to upgrade your system to get compatible and use the latest updates of some software. But if your laptop doesn’t have the upgrading feature, you have to move for another brand new laptop or need to keep the same device.


If you are going to buy a thin and light model laptop, mostly there will be Intel or AMD onboard graphics, and that will be enough for your multimedia, office work or any other light tasks. For professional work, you need to buy a laptop with a mobile graphic chip with Dedicated VRAM or Shared Memory. Furthermore, we have discrete graphics cards for gaming and high-end laptops which limits the performances of desktop variant CPUs(Eg: 2080 MAX-Q) to use less power and less battery life. Still, we can’t compare the desktop variants with laptop models at any condition.

BONUS TIP- If you are buying a laptop for 2021, use an SSD drive as your main boot drive as it can perform faster than a normal HDD

5.Battery Life

Usually, you want to be able to get the same battery life that the companies mentioned in the product descriptions. All those values are acquired from standard test results which we can’t experience in real life. If you wish to use your laptop in battery power for most of the times, go for a laptop which has a lower TDP value. But if you wish to use it with main power connecting, this isn’t a big problem at all.

Healthy Battery Life

But before you buy a laptop, check for the reviews of the shop to make sure you can get after-sale services or can claim guarantee without any hustles. Instead of that, search and watch some youtube reviews from different tech reviewers to find out the features and problems in the device. By using these easy five tips, you’ll find the best laptop that suits both your work and budget. These are the top 5 things to check before buying a laptop in 2021

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