Top 5 Tips to Pick Best Apps from App Store


Due to the fast growth of the technology, a smartphone is an essential thing for people, and we all use it to know the latest news updates, send a message to our friend, write an email, and almost everything can be done with just one tap on our smartphone. To use these facilities, we need to use apps which specially designed to perform specific tasks in our mobile.

When we are buying a new mobile, there are some pre-installed apps and millions of apps are out there, and they can be installed by using the app stores(Google Play, Apple App Store, Huawei App Store, etc.). We have to click on the install button, and after a couple of minutes, you can use the app.

As a result, people don’t give that much attention on the information that has been provided by the publishers which include all the legal information, a guide to using the app and all complete information about the app that you are about to get installed. This guide will help you to find great apps which you can use without any errors or troubles. Here’s the first tip from Top 5 Tips to Pick Best Apps from App Store

1. Always Use Trusted Sources

Whenever we notice that our favourite app or an update which is missing, the only option is to download the apk file that we want by using the internet, this is one of the major mistakes that people do when using a mobile phone. Why this matters so much?

Apple App Store
Apple App Store

When we are installing an apk file, we need to give permission to install it anyway, and we are allowing to install applications from unknown sources. In software or an app, we can’t see the source code or what’s behind that nice and friendly interface. To get remote access to your device without your permission, it takes only a few lines of codes. After that, anyone can control your device in a complete stealthy mode, which is why we highly recommend downloading apps only from the trusted sources.

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Avoid using unknown apps from unknown sites. We all have an in-built app store provided by the smartphone company and use apps which are available to download inside them. If you find anything suspicious, all you have to do is to complain about it, and in worst cases, you can step into any legal action in any situation.

2. App Permissions

Though we install an app from a trusted and verified place, still there’s something that we need to get our attention. The app permissions that we are giving when we install it in the first place. People don’t care about the permissions, and they only want to use that app as soon as it installed before installing read the permissions that you need to provide and check whether they are relevant.

For example, a music player needs permission to access your storage and media, but it’s doesn’t require permission to use the camera, location or your call logs.

App Permissions
App Permissions

Always check these permissions before you allowing them. Otherwise all your personal data including photos, videos, passwords, bank account and credit card information can be lost or miss used by cyber criminals.

3. Fake or Clone Apps

The next big problem is the fake apps or clone apps which seems to be the same, but when using it, we have to face a lot of troubles inside it. When you search for an app on the search bar, you’ll see some other suggested apps, including the real app as well. Sometimes fake once can be figured out quickly, but there can be situations that we can’t. To avoid this, the best and the easiest thing is to look for the original publisher. If you are not sure about that, Google it, and Google will show it to you

4. Number of Downloads

Before installing the app into your smartphone, check the number of downloads to get a rough idea about how’s the app performing after publishing it into the app store and whether there are users who are using it. If the app is
pretty much new, there can be bugs and crashes because it’s newly released and there can be bugs and issues still need to get fixed. But you can give a try as they are nor harmful for you as the things we pointed out in the previous steps.

5. Reviews and User Experiences

Although the app looks great from the graphical interface, you don’t know how it will perform in the real world if you haven’t used that app before. To avoid that, there’s a section to add reviews and comment about the user experiences from various peoples all around the world. If you are not sure about the app, go to the review section and look for the ratings, comments and reviews by other users who used this app before you.

top 5 tips to pick best apps from app store
User Ratings and Reviews

After reading that you can decide whether you need to install it all look for another app which suits for your job. Don’t be afraid to try new apps, and by looking into this comment section, you can get an idea about the publishers as well. If they are interacting with the comments very well, it means that the developers are active and ready to provide any support for you if there’s an issue with the app.

These are the top 5 tips to pick best apps from app store and by using these steps, you’ll find better apps to do your job. Remember, always be legal!

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