Top 6 Things to do Before Building or Buying a PC


In this digital era, technology is the most powerful thing in this whole universe. But to be in touch with them, we need a PC, Mobile, Tablet, or any other piece of technology that gives the facility to do the tasks that we want. Buying or building a PC is a good investment that you can do as now everything is getting digitalized and computerized. Before investing in building a PC there are several things that you should consider and among them here are the top 6 things to do before building or buying a PC.

Remember these are the main things to consider before building a PC and everything will be useless if you didn’t use it correctly after building it. There are hundreds of brands and parts out there to fulfill your need but how are you going to choose which one is the best. Here are the things to check before building a PC. These steps can be applied to both desktops and laptops as well.

1. Understand you requirements

As I mentioned above, hundreds of brands and parts are out there. To choose which one suits you the most. First, you have to do build a small list of the tasks that you are going to do with this build. Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down the things in your mind.

Maybe you are a teacher who creates colorful presentations for students or maybe you are an engineer or a guy who needs to keep the PC on for 24 hours per day. These two situations are completely different from one another. A teacher who creates PowerPoint presentations doesn’t need a PC with that much computing power but in the next case, it’s definitely necessary to go for a high-end PC. Before you build a PC, understanding your requirements is very important.

2. Decide your Budget

After deciding your requirements, the next big thing to consider is your wallet. This doesn’t have to an exact number but you should have a rough idea about how much money you are going to spend on building your PC. Many people choose the components first and then decide the budget but that’s not the way how you should do that. When you decide your budget, it’s easy to pick up the most reasonable parts for your build.

If you can wait till Christmas or any other seasonal offers, there will be better choices for you for a much cheaper price. And also keep in touch with the latest news and releases from the companies because sometimes due to the high competition between the other companies, we can expect huge price cut downs even we didn’t imagine.

3. Do the research

After completing the first two steps, begin your research to find the parts you needed. Make a list and be sure that the parts are compatible with each other. If you have more than one option, keep them all and to know which one is the best, ask it from an expert or you can use social media like Facebook or Reddit to know the user experiences from various people around the world. Join some communities and ask for help or experiences with those products that you have chosen.

By doing that you’ll have an idea whether you should buy it or not. While doing this research make sure you are choosing these components which can run 2 or 3 years without occurring any critical errors or problems. If you are a gamer, maybe you’ll need to upgrade the PC after 6-7 months. To do that make sure you are choosing components that will compatible with the upgrades in the first place.

4. Always try to get brand new

Buying used components or a complete PC is like adding an extra risk sometimes. Unless there any hardware damages you can’t find errors inside without plugging them. In some cases, they work perfectly fine for a few days then start giving errors. To avoid these kinds of issues always try to buy brand new items with a warranty. So if there’s any error you just have to claim the warranty and they are going to do the rest if you are eligible for that request. And talking about the warranty, make sure how many days that they are counting as a year because most of the time it’s less than 365 days though it mentioned as a year.

If you can’t afford anything brand new, then try to buy it from somewhere else which can guarantee and ready to provide a good after service. If not you can wait a little bit more till it reaches an affordable price for you.


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5. Buy Everything from one place

This also another special thing that you should do when you building a PC. Always try to buy all the main components from one place and this includes RAM, GPU, CPU, Motherboard, Hard Drives, PSU, and Casing as they are the main parts you’ll need. If there’s any mismatch or problem with your rig this will save both your time and money because you don’t have to go here and there to fix it.

But if you have enough knowledge to fix any errors you can buy them from different places and build your PC. And be sure about the seller or the shop you are buying them. Ask someone or check the reviews about the shop or seller to confirm it’s safe to buy. If you are buying a laptop you don’t have to worry about this as they are already assembled.

6. Give less attention to RGB/ARGB

By now, many people give their attention a lot to add RGB to the PC. But remember it should be the last thing to add only if you have some money left. They just add beauty to your PC without boosting any performances. So buy the most important parts and spend more money on them. That will help you to have a smooth-running PC.

By doing these easy 6 steps, you can easily build or buy your dream PC without missing anything. Always remember to give more attention to the more important parts and don’t waste your money on very expensive desktops or laptops if you don’t really want such powerful one. Understand the requirements and start building the PC.


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