What Are Hard Drive Partitions


If you are a user or a hardcore fan of Windows operating system, you are much more familiar with hard drive partitions which we use to store our data in a place where we can find them out whenever we want. And by adding hard drive partitions, it’s easier to guide yourself through your files as it’s more organizable unlikely you are using only just one big drive. But what is exactly partitioning and what are the features and drawbacks you get bu doing it?

If you are using Windows over the last three decades, by that time partitioning your hard disk is a necessity if you want to handle a higher capacity drive. And with the file system limitations, you may have to create a huge number of partitions. But With the use of NTFS, partitioning is not a must but it may help you to get out of some problems in some situations.

Hard drive partitioning means splitting or breaking one physical hard drive or SSD into two or many logical drives or volumes and your operating system is going to treat them as different physical drives. When assembling a PC, no one wants to buy two or more storage drives and install them on their computer not only because they cost more money but also it takes more space as well.

hard disk partitions
Splitting Hard Drive Partitions

Manufacturing storage with 4 Terabytes is not such big thing as it was before in ancient times and if the users can divide this huge space into different parts without buying individual hard drives, then this will be a better option. In that case, disk partitioning came into life and it’s not a bad feature at all.

The operating system configures these drives with different letters, especially in Windows you may see “C:/”, “D:/” or any letter that comes after them and each hard disk partition can be treated with different file systems without making any changes on the others. Mostly the partitioning takes places when you are installing the operating system but it can be done after the installation as well. There are such cases that hard disk partitions that help you to save both your time and money.

Why Hard Drive Partitions?

You can allocate a hidden partition with no drive letter assigned so no one can figure it out whether it exists or not. And even there’s a recovery partition that used to save all your operating system, drivers and pre-installed applications which can be used in any situation you need such help from your computer to restore. But the main and the most common usage which I mentioned above is to store your data in a well-organized way and to be accessed any time without going through the whole storage.

Shrinking New Volume on Hard Drive
Shrinking New Volume on Hard Drive

Moreover, it can be useful if you want to install another operating system for your studies or professional work or just to try out a new operating system for your computer. This is what we called dual booting in the normal use and the users can get the maximum performance of the components unlikely installing another OS in a virtual machine.

In another way, the users can store all the operating system data inside one of your hard disk partition so if something goes wrong in OS installation or if the OS gets corrupted by a certain type of malware or any other malicious program they can easily wipe that partition completely and install the OS again without damaging or losing any of those files on your PC. And Remember this has nothing to do with hard drive failures because this whole thing is just a logical program happens inside your system.

You can easily allocate all the hard disk partitions you need when you are installing Windows or simply use the Windows inbuilt feature which is the disk management tool that allows you to shrink and expand partition that hasn’t taken by the current existing volumes or else you can use any other third-party software that suits for your job.

But always remember not to deal with any of these especially with the drive that has all the operating system because if something goes wrong after doing something. That may cause you to lose all your important data. Always get help from someone who’s good at this topic and before using any tool make sure it’s working well by referring to reviews from the real-world experience.

Mechanical Hard Drive
Mechanical Hard Drive

When talking about the downsides, you have to configure windows to store your data intelligently on another secondary partition unless you want to move files around manually. This is the same with programs because installing it on one drive and moving them on to another is not suitable and that’s not computers meant to do. No one can blame hard disk partitioning is a bad thing because it offers more privileges to the users even it has few drawbacks comes with it.

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