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Inside our PC, RAM is something that all the users have to deal with each and every time as it affects directly to our system performances as well all the other tasks. In fact, RAM is one of the cheapest and smallest PC components that you can get to your system but it’s essential if you need to get the best out of the system. But what is a RAM and why it’s essential to have it?

RAM or Random Access Memory is a storage device which is used inside the system to store thousands of small pieces of data that’s using for the tasks performed by our PC frequently. And also a RAM can perform much faster than a normal storage drive or an SSD as it’s mainly communicating with the system CPU directly to provide data it needs to keep the system running sound and smoothly.

But it is different from normal storage because a RAM has a volatile memory which means all the data that have been stored inside it getting erased or removed as soon as it lost power. But the main task if a RAM is to grab the data from our computer’s permanent memory and store them so it can be handled easily and more swiftly than seeking into the slow storage device.

RAM speed

In modern PCs, the RAM can be seen in two different components. The first place is the motherboard as usual and the next one is inside the modern graphics cards. For the RAM inside our graphics card is called Video Memory or VRAM which will be familiar if you are using the PC for gaming, video editing, image rendering or any other task that needs more powerful graphics processing.

Evolution and Types of RAM

Over the past years, RAM has been through some serious developments and improvements to reach the performances which it has by now. In the earlier 1960’s It’s known as Static Random Access Memory or SRAM
and later it’s developed to Dyanamic Random Memory(DRAM) which both of these two types of RAMs were used till the 1990s till the SDRAM model released. In June of 1998, Samsung released the first DDR memory which is the first block of the modern RAM solution.

After the release of the first DDR model, within the past few years, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 which is the current and the most populist version came to life of use. The DDR4 was released in early 2011 which gives a hint that there will be the fifth iteration of DDR, the DDR5 is on it’s way to the market. But still, it will take time to be compatible with each and every other component and till that DDR4 will be the dominant of the lineup.

In the GPU lineup, the SGRAM(Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory) was released shortly after the SDRAM released and the GDDR type was introduced by Samsung and it became a huge hit in graphics memory performances. As a result, the GDDR6 is the latest iteration of GDDR while some of the high-end graphics cards have GDDR6x which performs at an extreme level. You can refer complete article about GDDR Memory From Here if you are interested.

What is a RAM

Unlikely in a RAM, GDDR is not the fastest and the best performing type of memory. The HBM and HBM2 hold that title, but these types of memories can only be seen in powerful workstations that are used for image rendering or any other memory-intensive work.

How much RAM do you need?

The amount of RAM and the speed completely have to deal with users preferences and the tasks that they are willing to be done using it. To get a small idea, if you are using the PC just for browsing the internet, creating presentations for office work or any other lightweight task then 4GB RAM is more than enough. But for gaming, the minimum amount should be 8GB and you must have to keep an eye on background programs to avoid allocating memory for unnecessary tasks.

Gaming Live stream
Gaming Live stream

16 GB is the recommended amount because each and every game released till now and yet to be released in the future can be played along with other background tasks such as streaming and screen recording. and also it will be enough to maintain small graphics or animation rendering task but the more you have will be able to handle such type of heavy applications smoothly on your PC.

When it comes to the speed measured by Hertz, the more speed you have means more data transfer speed. It’s better to have at least 2400Mhz to handle applications but if you are thinking to get 3200MHz speed RAM, then it’s probably better to use some other high performing components or else you won’t notice that much boost over the system. And it’s important to look for the number of channels for RAM configuration. Even the cheapest models are there with 2 channels while there are 3 or 4 channels when it comes to different models.

But does it matter to have more channels?

Of course, it is! This can be explained by comparing each channel to a lane on a road. The more lanes you have to ride to a particular direction, more vehicles can travel each time. This method is the same when it comes to RAM configurations. You can get more performances from 2 sticks of 8GB RAMs instead of using 16GB single RAM on the system.

Moreover, this avoids making your computer completely unusable if some damage happens to your RAM. If your machine runs with a single channel you have to wait till your damage one gets replaced with a new one but in dual channel configuration, it can work just fine with the one left on your system till the damage one get’s replaced.

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