What is Microsoft Edge Chromium 2020


Microsoft Edge Chromium 2020 is the brand new web browser released from Microsoft developed with the open-source Chromium project. As a replacement to the world-famous Windows Explorer, The new Microsoft comes with more improvements and features which will re build the reputation over Microsoft web browsers.

In 1995, Microsoft released Windows Explorer as a free browser and it became the most popular browser by the year 2003. But due to the high competition given by other companies: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and some other major browsers had taken the leed ragging down the Windows Explorer to the last place. In the last few years, people used the windows explorer, just for downloading Google Chrome. With this new browser, Microsoft strongly believes they can rebuild and regain the reputation and the popularity among the users.

Are Microsoft Edge and Windows Explorer the Same?

Microsoft Edge and Windows Explorer are not the same as there are many differentiations between these two browsers. In 1990, Net Scape Navigator was the one and the only option for users to use as a web browser. And with the release of Windows 95 in 1995, Microsoft decided to release a free and more developed web browser with the name of Internet Explorer. Many people were attracted to Windows Explorer because of the free privileges, destroying the popularity of Net Scape Navigator completely. In 2003, Microsoft reached the peak moment with 60% of internet users combining to the Internet Explorer as the default web browser.

However, with this advantage within the market, Developers in Microsoft didn’t focus on optimizing or giving a quality experience to the users. Instead of that, more useful and useless features were added to Windows explorer and when comparing to Firefox browser released in 2004, many security issues and bugs were there making windows explorer slower and slower in performances. But the impact was at a minimum level when comparing to the market share they were owned by that time. But with the release of Google Chrome in 2008, Windows Explorer lost the demand on the market and majority of the users gave up using Microsoft Explorer.

Desktop Browser Market Share Worldwide
Browser Market Share Worldwide

In 2015, Microsoft released another brand new browser called Microsoft Edge as an inbuilt programme in Windows 10. Although Microsoft Edge is completely different from the Windows Explorer with much more optimizations and
features, users didn’t move to the new Edge browser as well. 2020 will be the last year which both Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge services are getting the developer support and after that, both Softwares will categorize as dead services.

What is Microsoft Edge Chromium 2020?

As a result of extensive researches done by Microsoft, a new version of Edge browser is released developed with the Chromium Project open-source code which used to develop Google Chrome Browser with the name of Microsoft Edge Chromium or Microsoft Edge 2020. Most of the common features inside the Google Chrome can be seen in the new Edge browser and most people think that the new Edge 2020 browser is a copy of Google Chrome at their first glance.

Microsoft edge
Page Layout of New Edge

But it’s far more advanced and modified than Google Chrome with more customizations. By using the base code from the chromium project, most of the missing optimizations were added and a quality user experience can be gained when using Microsoft Edge 2020. The new browser is available for Windows 10, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 7, macOS and both android and iOS platforms. A Linux version will also be there in another short period of time.

Which is better: Microsoft Edge or Chrome

Still, Google Chrome hold the title of the most popular browser rather than the other solutions. But with this new edge, people can give a try to get a next-level experience when browsing on the internet with more security and privacy. If you concern about online privacy, the Microsoft edge 2020 is the best solution for you in 2020. Moreover, all the other main features in Google Chrome can be seen in the new Edge browser. The page layout can be fully customized to reach the latest information and news around the world related to users search intent. Inside the more options you can see;

  • New Tab – To open a new tab in the same window
  • New Window – to open a new window
  • New inPrivate Mode – Safe browsing mode works the same as the incognito mode in Google Chrome. Users can use this mode to browse without getting tracked.
  • Favourites – To collect all the favourite webpages
  • History – User’s browsing history
  • Downloads – Files downloaded using the Microsoft Edge is shown in here
  • Apps – Install apps from Microsoft App Store
  • Extensions – Install extensions from the Microsoft App Store. (Due to the limited number of extensions available in Microsoft App Store, Users can install extensions from Chrome App Store or any other App Store available)
  • Print – Print a Webpage
  • Find on Page – Find something specific on a specific web page
  • Read Aloud – Users can allow the PC to read an article or information available on the internet. Can be used under Immersive Reader Mode
  • Settings – More customizations of the browser can be done through this.
Chrome Web Store
Chrome Web Store

Inside the settings under Privacy and services, users can select three different tracking prevention modes. As it was mentioned earlier, setting this to strict mode will prevent you from tracking by other services and people. But this may cause blocking social media sites like Facebook as they collect personal data and track people to create digital profiles.

Tracking Prevention on Edge
Tracking Prevention on Edge

Read more about Tracking & Digital Profiles from here

The new edge browser can be named as one of the best browser which can be highly recommended to anyone to give a try with these new features.

Will Microsoft Edge replace Windows Explorer?

With the release of this brand new Microsoft Edge Chromium 2020, Microsoft gained the third spot among most famous web browsers list. And it’s sure that Microsoft edge will definitely replace Windows Explorer though it’s hard to say that it will become popular as the old days back in 2003.

Users can easily delete or uninstall the new Microsoft Edge Chromium 2020 browser using the same method we use when uninstalling a normal software. But with these new features Microsoft will have a new path in developing internet browsers which will be more engagable by the users all around the world.

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