Why Integrated Graphics Are not Good for Gaming


If you are a gamer, you can easily notice the difference between integrated graphics built in the processor and a full-fledged discrete graphics card. Here’s the why integrated graphics are not good for gaming rather than a graphics card from other GPU manufacturers like Nvidia, Zotac, AMD, Asus, etc.

When comparing the size of a normal Intel or AMD CPU and a discrete graphics card CPU, till the graphics CPU is bigger than the normal CPU. In a CPU which we use to power up our computer, all the stuff inside that is packed hard so the space inside those CPUs is not enough to expand and attach more advanced gaming GPU. But over the few years, integrated graphics have got a lot better and there’s actually a huge demand for quality, intergraded solutions in the market.

Plenty of computers have CPUs with integrated graphics, sometimes call IGPUs and they are known as low-performance CPUs and not good for much other than playing less graphically intensive games in low settings mode. Here are the main reasons why manufacturers can’t intergrade a powerful GPU inside our CPU without giving low-end graphic solutions.

1. Not enough Space

why integrated graphics are not good for gaming
System CPU Design of Intel

The major concern is that there’s no space inside of a CPU. If you have a close look over a discrete graphics card, you may notice how much space that it’s required and it seems to be small when compared to the PCB itself. But still, it’s the same size or even larger than a system CPU. And the same thing is there when you look over the system CPU. There’s not enough space to occupy an intergraded GPU which can perform as a gaming GPU. And you may have a question “Why manufacturers can’t make the GPU smaller that can be fixed to a system GPU?

The processing units that make up the chips are very tightly packed and as transistor size has become smaller and smaller but both main GPU manufacturers Nvidia and AMD push more and more transistors onto the GPUs to make them perform better and to make them more powerful. This basically means that the computing power and the performances of onboard graphics are slightly lower than a discrete card. This is the first reason why Integrated Graphics Are not Good for Gaming. But in the future, there may be a solution for intergraded graphics users with better performances.

2.Heating Issues on CPU

When comparing to a graphics card, the only cooling solution which provided to the system CPU is the cooling fan. But when it comes to the high-end graphics card, at least two or more than two cooling fans and heat sink pipes are there to cool down the GPU. This limits the GPU performances to a certain amount but that won’t be enough to handle gaming data and graphics in modern games by now. Though you can use a cooling pad or cooling fans, the manufacturers limit the CPU performances at the first place and because of that, no one recommends to use an IGPU for gaming as they fail to give the best user experience to the users.

Semi-Conductor Wafer
Semi-Conductor Wafer

GPU Manufacturers spends more money on large round wafers which use in printing and making a GPU. But when the CPU gets small, more chips can be printed when less space is used for intergraded graphics on a CPU using one wafer which makes more profitable to the CPU companies.

3. Memory Limitations

System CPU vs Graphics CPU
System CPU vs Graphics CPU

When buying a high-end GPU you’ll notice some different types of memories such as DDR6, DDR5, GDDR6. All these types of memories are specially designed for graphics processing which performs a lot faster than a normal GPU. Faster you can load data, better graphics can be given by the CPU. Most of the Intergraded graphics comes with system shared memory which means it uses a specific amount of your system RAM that to be used in graphics processing.

This limits the users and reduces the resolution and due to the latency occurs with that, low texture quality is given when gaming win an intergraded memory. Installing more RAM can’t help you with that because those GPUs are designed to use a certain amount only.

CS:GO 1080p Performances
CS:GO 1080p Performances

Here are the main reasons why integrated graphics are not good for gaming but this doesn’t mean that users can’t get any gaming experience with IGPUs. With the smaller transistor sizes and more power efficiency, both AMD and Intel have been able to make powerful onboard solutions which can be played popular titles even in 720p or 1080p resolution without a dedicated graphics card. So before buying a graphics card, give a try with your GPU that’s been given with your CPU if you are building or buying a PC.

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