Will FAUG replace PUBG Mobile in India


After the Indian government decided to ban more than a hundred apps in India due to national security issues, Both PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite got banned in India. But Studio nCore Pvt Ltd announced that they would design and release a game; Fearless And United Guards(FAUG) which will replace PUBG and now it’s almost ready for pre-register on play store.

PUBG developers said that they would customise the game especially for India and the players will again be able to play PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. But Indian government didn’t give a positive response to that request, and instead of that now they are almost ready to release the FAU-G Mobile game to the users. India is the second-largest populated country, and because of that, millions of mobile users are there and the microtransactions done in these apps can make lots of profits to the companies.

It was the reason why PUBG developers were also requested to re-customize the app and get unbanned again in India. In aid of that, they were ready to invest millions of dollars in promoting and supporting e-sports players too.

Is FAUG Battle Royale?

nCore Games’ FAU-G is an upcoming military game and is all set for a significant release, but the studio has mentioned that a Battle Royale game mode will not be included in the game at the first place. It will be a war game and on a proper battlefield, and the story is based on actual events that happened within the Indian border and border patrols.

However, nCore developers say that they are ready to release new features and mods by reviewing player feedback. FAUG will include third-person action and battle royale modes in future as nCore wants to give the supreme experience to the users, so the updates and the new modes will mostly depend on the user experiences and reviews.

FAUG Official Trailer by nCore

After watching the in-game footages, most of the people said that the graphics are not quality enough as PUBG. But from the developers’ side, they want to optimise the game to perform smoothly in small devices so the graphics maybe not high quality, but with the updates, all those matters will be fixed as well as the game features.

Is FAUG available on Play Store?

The game was originally expected to be released in October, but it was postponed. The trailer of the game was released on Dusshera, which showed glimpses of the turban-clad soldier’s Galwan Valley Episode. On November 30, nCORE Games revealed that its much-awaited FAU-G game is available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store. Two days later, in the first 24 hours, the game registered the highest number of pre-registrations at the India Play Store.

Official Tweet from nCore

The developers shared in a tweet that the First Person Shooter (FPS) game got 1.06 million pre-registrations, and the numbers may rise in the coming days. Still, they haven’t got the approval from the government, but 20% from their profit will be donated to Bharat Ke Veer trust for the welfare of the Indian Army, and that will be a plus point to get the approval from the government.

FAUG will be around 500MB to 2GB in size, and the final release date is not certainly confirmed. A huge number of guides and fake apps are there almost after the pre-registration was enabled. Make sure you are pre-registering to the app which was released by nCore Pvt Ltd.

Still the game is under development and it’s not released and it’s only available for the pre registrations.

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