Windows 10 Home vs Pro: Which one Should You Buy


As soon as you picked up the best pc components to your next dream build, you do need to make another decision about the operating system that you are going to place inside the system. Unless you are an expert in information technology or computer science, you won’t pick a Linux distribution and you do need to look either for a Mac or Windows operating system.

In case you pick the Windows OS as your next operating system, because that’s the best choice if you are building the PC especially for gaming and again you have to define which version that you are going to use either Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro. This article will help you out by pointing out the major differences between Windows 10 Home vs Pro and which one should you buy.

From Windows XP, each and every version had a normal Home edition and a Professional or Pro editions or in some cases even more. Each of these pro versions is more expensive sometimes even twice or thrice than the normal Home edition but is it worth buying for a higher price. Before that, you need to make sure whether you are going to use the 32-Bit version or 64-Bit version.

32 bit vs. 64 bit
32 bit vs. 64 bit

Although it’s available in both bit versions, it better to use 64-bit version unless your CPU is older than 10 years. If you are not sure about which version you are using currently, Right Click on My Computer, This PC or File Explorer and open the properties tab an from that you can easily find which version you are using.

In case you are using the 32-bit operating system, you can only get the benefit of 4GB RAM as the maximum but in 2021, 4GB isn’t enough. At least there must be 8GB RAM especially if you are using your PC for gaming or any other serious tasks.

Core Features of Windows 10 in Pro & Home Versions

There’s no doubt that having more features in pro version is a must as they are offered for higher price but there are some cool features that’s available for both Home and Pro versions.

1. Cortana – AI Virtual Assistant

This is one of the biggest features that has been added to Windows 10 that can be seen next to the start menu. Launching searches, making reminders, email checking and almost all things can be controlled by this AI assistant. Even though it’s not that much useful at every time, it’s a positive sign that the artificial intelligence is going to be the next big thing that controls the whole technology.

2. Virtual Desktops
Virtual Desktops
Virtual Desktops

This feature helps the users to create multiple virtual desktops that can be used to perform or use several tasks at the same time and to switch from one to another easily. To enter the virtual environment feature, simply press Windows + Tab and you can create new desktops by clicking on +New Desktop option on the top.

3. Windows Hello

Introduced as a handy biometric security feature which allows the users to use either facial recognition or fingerprint scan which is helpful to the users to log into the computer, make store purchases and many other apps
instead of typing the password over and over each and every time.

4. Windows Defender

The inbuilt anti-virus program can be useful to protect your PC by getting updated about the security features that should be taken against the latest threats and issues. Some of the features are only available for pro users but for the home version, it do gives some real-time hard protection to the system

5. Dark Mode

Windows 10 is the first Windows version that allows users to change away from the normal white background and change it to the dark mode which helps to protect your eyesight when users looking at the screen constantly for hours at a time. This variation can be applied to almost everything including file explorer, start menu, toolbar and etc.

6. Gaming Mode

Specially designed to lower background tasks to give the best and the maximum performances to the game that the users playing. It’s hard to verify that it can boost and bump your gaming experience but it’s better to enable it when you are gaming as it’s offered for free. In addition, the Xbox One controller support, game bar and Xbox app are also offered free of charge.

7. Memory Limit

Unlikely all the previous versions of Windows, the latest Windows 10 offers the users to use up to 128GB memory capacity which is more than enough for gaming or any hardcore workstations. But if you need more than that you need to upgrade to the Pro version

Windows 10 Home vs Pro

In here some of the special features that comes only for the pro users.

1. BitLocker
Windows 10 Home vs Pro
Device Encryption System

This is a special device encryption programme that gives the facility to encrypt the whole drive and it can be only decrypted by entering the correct password. If you are a guy that’s interested in high security, this BitLocker will be impressive so that one can steal your data even they have access to your computer

2. Client Hyper-V

A virtualization program that helps the users to create virtual computers without installing and setting up any third-party applications to the system. This is quite similar to the virtual desktop feature offered for both Pro and Home edition users. But the virtual machine is completely different and you do need to have an idea about how virtual machines work else it may cause unnecessary errors in the system.

3. Higher RAM ceiling

In the Home version, it only allows to use 128GB but as a pro user, you can use up to 2TB memory capacity which is quite irrelevant for each and every user because most of the high-end workstation components also capped out from the level of 128GB but it will change in the near future. If you are building the PC for gaming, you’ll never need this much RAM for another century at least.

4. Delaying the Updates

Almost all the Windows users know that the Windows updates are kind of annoying as they take lot’s of time and data as well. But sometimes these updates cause malfunctions some of your important programs so the pro users have the facility to delay the update up to a month so they can verify the update that they are getting has no any errors.

Delaying System Updates in WIndows
Delaying System Updates

For home users, limiting the data usage that’s allowed to use for the system can help to stop updating each and every time but still, it’s going to show up some messages which are quite annoying but this can helps 100% to stop updates if you want to do it without upgrading to the Pro version.

Windows 10 Home vs Pro: Which one Should You Buy?

Although the pro versions offer more features, none of them actually impacts that much for most of the users. If you are not sure, check the features again and you’ll see why it’s not worth to buy the Pro version. Especially in gaming, the normal standard Home version is more than enough and it’s cheaper than the pro version as well. The users can switch from Home version to Pro version at anytime if they want but it costs more money than it takes if you buy it at the first place.

But if you are getting a hard copy from somewhere else this won’t be a bigger problem. For security and all the other special features, there are third-party Softwares which you can trust for giving better service without lagging your system

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